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Even though I am incredibly excited over the confirmation that Gilmore Girls is back for four installments of 90 minutes each (moviesodes if you want to call them that). The revival will be missing 3 vital components that made the show as great as it was.

These are three characters that we won't see on the Gilmore Girls revival:

Richard Gilmore

Ed Herrman will always be Richard in our hearts
Ed Herrman will always be Richard in our hearts

When it was made public in 2014 that Edward Herrman passed away I was certain that they wouldn't ever make another Gilmore Girls episode. I was pleasantly surprised at the revival announcement, but at this point, it has been made clear to me that even when the girls will be all back, there will be something missing in the Gilmore house.

In fact, Amy Sherman-Palladino has made clear that Richard's death will have an impact on the story they want to tell. Call me crazy, but I do believe that it is the death of the Gilmore family patriarch that sets things in motion to re-explore the Gilmore-verse.

How this affect Emily, Rory and Lorelai, and how they overcome the death of a beloved one in the course of a year is the perfect plotline for "Gilmore Girls: Seasons". Remember that we already know Netflix's take on the series will be via four 90 minute episodes, each reflecting a season of the year in the lives of our girls.

Sookie St James

Dear Sookie I think I'll miss you the most!
Dear Sookie I think I'll miss you the most!

Sadly, actress Melissa McCarthy confirmed via Twitter that her wonderful and hilarious character, Sookie, won't be part of the Gilmore Girls revival since apparently no one asked her to.

Palladino reportedly declared that trying to work around McCarthy's schedule was quite difficult and that it would take more than 6 months to coordinate her participation in the revival, but that if the actress were inclined to return to Stars Hollow they will be happy to include her.

I have a bad feeling about this, and that feeling is that Sookie won't be part of these stories. But I do hope that they manage to mention her because she is an important part of the Gilmore family and things won't be the same without her.

Christopher Haiyden

Rory's father and Lorelai's first love has always been an important part of the Gilmore universe, but as of now, there has been no confirmation about David Sutcliffe participation in the Netflix revival.

Is he no longer part of the Gilmore clan? Even though things ended weirdly between him and Lorelai, he is still Rory's father, and will probably be involved in her life at some level. And if that is not the case and the actor is not booked for this production, I do believe that they will make mention of his existence during at least one of the episodes of the season.

Maybe we can negotiate Chris participation?
Maybe we can negotiate Chris participation?

If they do decide to bringing back Christopher's character, I think his story should show he has mature as a father and is doing well (or maybe not so well?) raising GG alone. I do think that he needed that little push to finally come together as a responsible adult, and maybe now that GG is a teenager he'll be involved in some heavy predicaments as a single father.

I know I will miss them all!


What character would you miss the most?


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