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Warning: Spoilers for The Flash Season 2 ahead

The Flash is halfway through its second season, and Barry Allen has just been having the worst luck in his love life.

Barry and Felicity

First, Barry met Felicity Smoak over on Arrow, and despite their instant connection, that relationship never really got off the ground. After he was struck by lightning and left comatose, Felicity tried to visit, but she was caught up with Team Arrow and felt ousted by Iris (who was always by his side). By the time that Barry was back, he had to deal with new powers, and Felicity was embroiled in other romances.

Barry and Linda

Then Barry caught the eye (or should that be ear?) of Linda Park, sports journalist for the same paper Iris works for. The two had a few dates, did some making out, and Barry discovered just how difficult it can be to balance superhero duties and a relationship. Things still could have worked out, but he ended up breaking things off, and now lives in Coast City, where she is less likely to encounter super powered villains.

Barry and Patty

This season, Barry has been dating the adorable Patty Spivot, Joe West's partner on the metahuman task force. The two made an incredible couple, with perfectly matched moments of pure dorkiness. However, they are also both smart, involved in police work, brave, and trying to aid justice in their work.

It seemed like things were going perfectly, and Barry was on the brink of telling her his secret (especially when his superheroics started to look a lot like ditching her). They were so close... but it didn't work out. She wanted to leave and study forensics, he didn't want her to stay for him. She knew that he was the Flash, but he didn't want to tell her because he thought she would stay if she knew. By the end of it, they both knew, but she still left, and we were all sobbing into our couch cushions.

Barry and Iris

Now, Barry is single, and fans are wondering if it could be time to see him (finally) get together with Iris. Now, Candice Patton has posted a photo to Facebook suggesting that a West/Allen romance could be in the cards...

The photo shows her sticking her tongue out next to the Flash suit (sans Barry), captioned "Can't keep my hands to myself" (a reference to the Selena Gomez song).

Listening to the song, it's a woman's ode to the man she wants but doesn't have, which is a very pointed choice for Patton to make.

Can't keep my hands to myself/No matter how hard I'm trying to/ I want you all to myself
So come on, give me a taste/of what it's like to be next to you

It sounds like Patton is hinting at Iris's feelings for Barry, something that might come into play now that he is single again. The two characters are together in the comics, and we've had some hints of a West/Allen romance in the show already. We know that Barry has had a crush on her in the past, but never acted on it because of her relationship with Eddie Thawn.

In an alternate timeline, she confessed to having feelings for him, too, but he had to erase that in order to save the city (and was heartbroken to find out that the different timeline meant different feelings). We've also seen her byline in the future newspaper as Iris West-Allen, suggesting that they get married at some point (or in some timelines).

Too Soon For Romance?

Now that both Iris and Barry are available, is it time to see these two get together? She already knows his secret, they've both had feelings for the other at some point, and they are pretty much destined to end up together. It seems perfect...

Until we think about the fact that we are still in the second season of a show that could run for the next ten years (if all goes well). If Barry and Iris get together now, we either have them in a relationship for the rest of the show, or end up falling back on the on-again-off-again romance that is the standby of cheesy sitcoms. A long-running relationship can work, of course. It's not problematic in the comics, and it would be interesting to see a series with a central figure who doesn't always have some kind of love interest on the sidelines.

Of course, Patton could be making a little joke, or even just teasing that she would love to try the suit on sometime! We haven't heard much else about the possibility of a blossoming romance between the two, and she could just really like the song. But for those who are eagerly awaiting a West/Allen moment, this is just too good to ignore.

'The Flash' returns with 'Welcome To Earth-2' next Tuesday on The CW


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