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Movies nowadays are pretty scary, with The Babadook and It Follows scaring audiences all around the globe last year. In fact, you would think that films couldn't get much scarier, right ? .Well hold that though, because The Witch has just gotten public endorsement from The Satanic Temple.

To clarify, The Satanic Temple, claims on their website that they do not worship the devil, but see him as a "symbol of man's inherent nature". The organization refereed the film as a "trans formative satanic experience" and will also be holding four screenings across the country.

The films follows a family in New England 1630 who lives on land which is possessed by witches. The film was a hit last year at Sundance earning the director, Robert Eggers, a best director prize. It sounds scary already, and if you don't think so, check out the following featurette and trailer.

The film is set for nation wide release on the 19th of February.


Will YOU be watching The Witch ?


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