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Age of Empires is the quintessential, classic computer game. First introduced in 1997, I picked up a copy in 1999 and loaded it up on the good ol' Windows 95. By that time, the game had racked up enough accolades to make my mom aware that it was a great product, so she purchased it for my sister and me because it also taught a bit of history along with all the fun and games. This was my first game, and even though it's close to 20 years old now, there are few modern day games that can compete with it, and here's why...

1. You can't beat strategy in this game.

Every civilization has its own pros and cons so it takes a lot of thought to figure out which one will be the best to beat your opponents. The Huns (pictured) don't require you to build houses; the Japanese have a strong navy. Which one you choose will dictate your strategy, so pick wisely.

2. Online gaming is the best!

Sure, it can be hard to get past the jerks who might see your low ratings and boot you under the assumption that you're a "noob" but regardless, once you get in a game there is no beating the challenge of a human opponent. Plus, if you play with your friends like I do, you really can't beat the fun of a game like Age of Empires 2.

3. The campaigns!

I loved the old campaigns when I was a kid. Whether it was playing as Joan of Arc or Barbarossa, it was fun to play along with the great campaigns of ancient history and learn a little about these great historical figures in the process.

4. You can get lost in this game for hours!

If one thing is for sure, this game never seems to lose its edge. You would think it would get monotonous after a while, but it seems like the opposite is true. You simply can't stop playing!

5. New upgrades and civilizations

New upgrades and civilizations are being added to this day, making it just as fresh and engaging as the first time I played. I haven't played this game for years, and yet I came back to it after more than a decade and found it had not gotten stale, too easy, or stupid like a lot of old games I used to play.

Through the virtues of Steam, I can now play this game again in HD, and it has more than stood the test of time. The graphics still look great, the game play is fantastic, and I once again cannot get enough of this fabulous game. Here's to another 20 years of AOE2!


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