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So by now you've probably heard the news that DC's Legends of Tomorrow will be introducing four classic DC characters in a future episode. The characters are Ma Hunkel (the Golden Age Red Tornado), Hourman, Sandman, and Sgt. Rock.

All of these characters are pretty obscure, with Sgt. Rock possibly being the most familiar. But just because he's more well-known, doesn't mean Sgt. Rock is the only hero you should be looking at.

In fact, the most interesting classic hero set to appear on [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) is almost certainly going to be Sandman!

Wesley Dodds is the secret identity of the mysterious superhero known as the Sandman. Sporting a gas-mask and a special gun loaded with sleep gas made from his own herbal mix, Sandman puts his enemies to sleep without even breaking a sweat!

When you put him up against the fearless soldier Sgt. Rock, the hour-a-day superhero Hourman, and the... bucket-headed Red Tornado, it's fair to say that he's the third coolest out of the four.

But while he may not be exactly be the coolest hero coming to LoT, I'm here to say that Sandman is probably the most important. Why is that? Because he's directly related to another superhero bearing the name Sandman, and it's not a Spider-Man villain!

Dream Of The Endless May Be Coming To The Flarrowverse!


Dream, Morpheus, or Sandman as he's commonly called by fans of the book of the same title, is the physical personification of dreams and nightmares. He's also perhaps one of the coolest and iconic comic book characters out there, and all without having a prefix in his name!

Dream and Sandman (Dodds) aren't actually related in a familial sense, but they're definitely closely associated with each other. You see, being the personification of dreams, Dream has a variety of powers. One of these powers is prophetic dreaming, the ability to dream real visions.

What does this have to do with Wesley Dodds? Well, as it turns out, Dream isn't the only one who has visions in their dreams.

Sandman and Dream
Sandman and Dream

Back in April of 1939, when Wesley Dodds first appeared, Dream of the Endless wasn't even a character yet. However, when Dream finally did make his debut in the world of comics in 1989, it was revealed that he was the reason behind Wesley's need to fight crime.

See, in the Sandman comics, Wesley was plagued with very vivid dreams of murder and crime that kept him up for several nights. The only way to combat the dreams was to go out and make a difference in the world as Sandman.

But where did those dreams come from? That question was left unsolved for several years, until a The Sandman comic (confusing I know, but I'm talking about Dream) revealed that Dodds was gifted with a portion of Dream's power; precognitive dreams. This was due to the fact that Dream was imprisoned by an occult organization known as the Order of Ancient Mysteries, and the universe was granting others his powers so it could correct itself.

So What Does All Of This Mean?

So, why am I telling you all of this, other than the fact that it's some pretty awesome comic book knowledge to have under your belt? Well, as you know, Sandman (Dodds) is coming to DC's Legends of Tomorrow. So if that's the case, that may mean that Dream is coming along with him!

With Wesley Dodds coming to Legends of Tomorrow, it's possible that his origins will be kept the same, meaning that Dream could also appear in the Flarrowverse! Of course, it's pretty unlikely that Dream himself will appear next to the Legends of Tomorrow, as even in the comics he hardly ever interacts with the DC heroes or villains.

But if Sandman (Dodds) is coming, that means that we could get a reference or nod to Dream, perhaps even in a flashback scene to how Sandman (Dodds) came to be! Sure, it may not be as good as an actual appearance from the character, but I know a couple of The Sandman fans who would absolutely gush over confirmation that Dream is part of the Flarrowverse!

But a nod to Dream really depends on if DC wants to include that part of Sandman's backstory. It was a major part, yes, but as I said, Sandman's character was established long before Dream was even created (in a publication manner of speaking at least, not chronologically). So if a possible nod to an iconic DC character isn't enough for you, how about a legitimate one?

The Supergirl/ 'Flash' Crossover Is Real (Just Like The Hype)!

Earlier today it was announced that The Flash and Supergirl would finally be joining forces, with Flash appearing on a special crossover episode of Supergirl on March 28. Grant Gustin, who plays Flash, celebrated by posting the image above on Instagram with the subtitle:

Secret is out. @melissabenoist and I are gonna get to have some fun on Supergirl together..

Obviously, everyone is incredibly excited about this super crossover, myself included! Fans have been asking ever since Supergirl premiered for a crossover with any show from the Flarrowverse, and now our dreams are finally coming true!

But as exciting as all of this is, it gets EVEN MORE exciting when you realize exactly what this means. First off, this obviously means that The Flash and Supergirl are in the same canon, not exactly universe, as Flash has opened up the possibility of there being an unlimited amount of universes out there. Regardless of whether or not Flash and Supergirl exist in the same universe, one thing is for certain:

Superman Is In The Flarrowverse!

Superman has always been a bit of a shadowy figure in Supergirl. He's never actually been seen on camera, but he serves as an important role model and inspiration for Kara Danvers/Supergirl. The closest we've gotten to seeing what the character is like is, oddly enough... a text conversation between the two Kryptonians.

Anyway g2g, trying 2 beat Candy Crush score - Clark
Anyway g2g, trying 2 beat Candy Crush score - Clark

But the fact that we know he exists is enough to get even more excited about the upcoming Flash/Supergirl crossover. This means that Superman, Supergirl, Flash AND Green Arrow all exist in the same universe! Or at least, all exist in the same canon that makes room for multiple universes.

And it's not just those four characters that occupy the same canon, there's also their respective side characters. The Flash has characters like The Reverse-Flash and Vibe, Arrow has characters like Red Arrow and Black Canary (also Constantine, technically speaking), and Supergirl has characters like Jimmy Olsen and the FREAKING MARTIAN MANHUNTER!

These characters, plus the characters sure to be introduced in DC's Legends of Tomorrow, make for an extremely packed DC TV universe!

It's unclear if Supergirl's interaction with the Flarrowverse will ever go farther than a meet-up with Flash, but if DC keeps on listening as well as they do, I'm sure we'll see Kara fighting crime with a ton more Flarrowverse characters very soon!

Thanks for reading!

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