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I've watched almost every movie Which are worth watching, Except for some classic ones.
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Magic, a great cast and sex - those should be just a few reasons why you should be watching, The Magicians on .

The Mystery

Who doesn’t adore a good mystery? With Quentin baffled in figuring out if Fillory is real or imaginary, and his one-on-one confrontation with a quadruped known as “The Beast.” There are a lot of questions to be answered after an initial three episodes of The Magicians. And also with the air of the third episode, we finally know how Alice's brother, Charlie, died

The Beast

They call him 'Mothman' because his entire face is covered from a flurry of those winged insects. Is this terrifying creature responsible for the many deaths at Brakebills, or is he solely focused on Quentin? We can never unsee that smiley face he made from Dean Fogg’s excised eyeballs and blood.

‘The Magicians’ Is Secretly Hilarious

Organisation of immature magicians still confused to figure out life, what else do you expect, though it also got aspects of a dark comedy. The jokes are sensitively delivered in ideal shades of ill-nature and dry humor, that makes them funnier than we would expect.

The Sex

Well Syfy's The Magicians is a fantasy for grown-ups (Not only humans will be having the pleasure but the books too). “The Magicians” did something truly transcendent: it gives viewers a sex scene unlike any that has ever been filmed before ( although I think I have seen it before in some movie) — while putting the action on the ceiling.

Nerdy wizards

Oh damn! they are hot.

Oh! so you need another reason ?


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