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Reading a book series and becoming a fan can be great. While we hope for a movie adaption, lately a lot of fans are asking for TV shows of their favorite book series. Why? It could be because it follows the book more, could be because its free but I think the most likely reason is because we see the book itself come to life in a 30 minute to one hour TV show.

Freeform (formally known as ABC family) has had two successful book series adoptions known as Pretty Little Liars and Shadow Hunters, which is based off of Cassandra Clare's Immortal Instruments series. AMC has adapted The Walking Dead from the comic books.

Below is a reading list I have read (trust me I've read a lot more) that I think Hollywood should pick up and either make a TV show or a movie about. Just a little note, I have thrown (I think) two series in that should have been a TV show instead of a movie.

1. 'Matched' Series ( By Ally Condie)

This series is set in a futuristic world controlled by the government. This includes jobs, where they live, who they should care about and who they love. At age 17, girls are 'matched' with a boy (or if you're a boy, it's going to be a girl) by the authorities. Cassia was to be paired with her childhood friend Xander, but a glitch in the system makes her match Ky Markham.

I feel like Freeform or the CW would do a wonderful job with this series. I feel like the actors would be a great find. With a great producer, writer and director they could get the descriptive world that Ally Condie has created. With the book series being popular and having a great fan base, so could the TV show.

2. Hush-Hush (By Rebecca Fitzpatrick)

This is a story about a girl named Nora and an angel named Patch. The two fall in love and we see that even Angels can be bad guys as well. This is about their romance, how Nora's memories get wiped, and how they fall back in love. Because you have to remember, with love stories, there's always something getting in the way.

I vote TV series for this. There's so much going on in every book and I feel like they couldn't "fit" everything in the movie. Every books has so many important scenes in them. I feel like a TV show would get a better grip sticking with the plot and adding things in that could make the story better or make it more understand for those who haven't read the books. With great actors this could be promising.

3. Mara Dyer (By Michelle Hodkin)

This is a dark book series about a girl named Mara who is trying to heal from her past, and a boy named Noah who is mysterious in every way. It's really not much I can give you guys cause this series is not only dark but beautifully written and quite the love story.

This needs to be a TV show. With the cliffhangers in every chapter and the cliffhangers (expect in book 3) would keep audiences on their toes. I feel like it would be very easy to stick to the story and the actors, I feel would be easy to find, every character in the book are easy to relate to and I feel like any actor could bring them to life on the TV screen.

4. The Selection (By Kiera Cass)

The Selection is about a prince having to choose in a competition. We see this through the eyes of America singer. A beautiful girl who stands out to Prince Maxmon. But when her ex (Aspen Leger) becomes a royal guard, she still has feelings for him while she is falling for the prince.

The CW was going to produce a TV show but sadly it fell through. Perhaps (hopefully) another TV company will pick up the series. With cliffhangers in every book, this would make a promising TV series.

5. Delirium (By Lauren Oliver)

This wonderfully written series deserves a TV show that not only Hulu users can see. In this dystopian future, love is a disease and scientists believe they can find a cure for it. This is by pairing them up and then marrying at a certain age. Lena gets paired, but falls for another man named Alex.

I feel like the CW would do a great job with this one, because of how the story is set up and how it feels. I feel like the CW, could really bring this to life with how well their sets are made, how well they cast their actors and with how their shows are produced and directed.

6. Angel Fire (By Courtney Allison Moulton)

This is a series that is filled with fighting, romance and a lot of action. Ellie is a reincarnation of a powerful warrior who sides with the angles and defeats the demons who are on Earth. The one who trains her is a powerful angel who is sent to protect her, named Will.

There is no question, this needs to be a TV show. And yes, the CW would be perfect for this or even Freeform would do this series justice. I feel like the actors would need to fit their description fairly well because the characters are described beautifully and she even has them drawn. Plus I feel like they could really get the story down pact with additional add-ons.

7. Crank (By Ellen Hopkins)

This is a real life story based on one of the authors children and how she had to deal with meth addiction. This book is written in verse, and we follow this girl and how she deals with addiction and then how she recovers from it.

This NEEDS to be a TV show. These books show just how harsh addiction can be and how it can serve its purpose with oneself, their family and the relationships they get into when on the drug. But these books also show how to recover, how to heal, that family and friends are there and that there's always someone fighting. I feel like this would be a great pick up for AMC because of how they did with Breaking Bad. AMC could really bring out the horrors and the good in this book series.

There are so many book series out in the world waiting either be a TV show or a movie. The list I have chosen are the ones that I have read and come to love over the years. I hope to see at least one of these series will be picked up and the fans and new fans will be welcomed into it.

Which book series do you wish to be made into a TV show?


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