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Kara starts and ends a relationship. Alex takes on Lord. And James makes a confession. All on this week's Supergirl!

Kara Makes A Friend

This week's main plot focused on this week's bad guy, Bizarro. But, as we learn throughout the episode, Bizarro wasn't all that bad.

So, let's rewind a bit. There is someone flying around National City destroying things and looking identical to Kara/Supergirl. Alex and the D.E.O. insist that it can't be a clone, which I find odd that they kept saying that. Future plot-point? Anyway, they are proven wrong very quickly.

Kara goes to Winn and convinces him to help. He gets on the job and quickly figures out that Maxwell Lord (because who else?) has been taking comatose girls of Kara's height and weight, I believe Bizarro was #7, and experimenting on them with Kara's DNA. How'd he get the DNA? Off of Red Tornadoe's arm that Alex asked Maxwell to look at.

Bizarro, for her part, is only doing the things she is doing is because she is brain-washed into thinking that "Supergirl is bad". And when she sees Kara save people, she starts questioning that. But Maxwell keeps pushing her and she eventually kidnaps Kara while she is on a date with Adam. During this part, we find out that Bizarro is pretty much the complete opposite of Kara. Which means the kryptonite bullets that they shoot at her does nothing but make her mutate.

This forces the team to create what seems like a blue colored kryptonite. But, before they even do this, James is taken because Maxwell tells Bizarro to take what means the most to Kara. And being Kara's clone, Bizarro believes that is James. And James confesses his love for Kara while he is captured. This was a part I really didn't like. It felt weird and unearned. Plus, James has Lucy and it all just doesn't sit well with me. That being said, James is the only guy I really like Kara with. So, I will just have to get over it.

Back to the action. Kara of course saves James and Alex shoots Bizarro with the new kryptonite. It works and they bring Bizarro to the D.E.O. There, they put Bizarro into a coma. She has a nice moment with Supergirl. And honestly, I liked the relationship between the two. Kara sees Bizarro as someone she should be able to save and she can't. I find that really interesting.

The Adam Saga

When she wasn't dealing with Bizarro, Kara was trying to date Adam. Their first date was interupted when Kara had to go save some people. Their second date goes a bit better. She opens up to him and they share a kiss. She then gets kidnapped and the date goes downhill in a hurry.

With everything going on with Bizarro, Lord, and Astra, she doesn't have time for Adam. She breaks-up with Adam, but not really, because as Adam points out, they never even started dating.

This storyline kind of bored me. We met Adam an episode ago and I was never invested in the relationship. What didn't bore me was the way Cat acted. She treated Kara better, though she still called her Kira. She even urged her to date her son. However, as soon as Kara breaks the whole thing off, Cat is more distant than ever. The Cat/Kara relationship is still my favorite.

Alex Finally Does Something About Maxwell Lord

Alex finally decided to do something about Maxwell. I know I already said this, but I think it needs to be said again. When Bizarro first shows up, Alex goes to Lord. And Lord pretty much tells her that he knows that Supergirl is her sister. Alex doesn't believe him, but once Kara was kidnapped, she believes him.

And she goes after him. Even though Hank tells her there was nothing they could, Alex "arrests" Maxwell. He threatens Alex's mom, threatens to expose who Kara is, and all that. This just pisses Alex off even more. My favorite part of the episode was when Alex tells Hank that she doesn't care if she is putting D.E.O. in danger. She is going to protect her family.

I have grown tired of Lord. He is pretty much your typical evil billionaire. For a season villain, he is kind of weak. I just am ready for the show to move on. But of course they won't.

What Did You Think Of This Week's Episode?

I liked last week's much better. And this was honestly one of my least favorite of the season.

Oh, and what do you think about the upcoming crossover between Supergirl and The Flash? For once, posting late actually does some good.


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