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In only a few short weeks, a highly anticipated movie is being released on Valentine's Day: Deadpool. But while it may be highly anticipated, it still may bomb horribly at the box office.

But why, you say? It's highly anticipated, Deadpool's pretty popular, and we're sure to see some sick action scenes and humor. So why could it bomb?

Well, I'm glad you asked because I was hoping to explain that, but I didn't want to be rude. You know what I mean? Of course you do! Anyways, let me explain.

1) Not a kid movie

My point proven? Lol
My point proven? Lol

First, the movie has an R rating. Now that may not seem like a bad thing because that's the rating Deadpool deserves. But it may not be the rating he needs. (See my reference to Batman there?) You see, while we comic fans want that hard R, the kids unfortunately do not. And neither do some of those kids' parents. Now you start saying: "This kids have probably never read Deadpool." Yes, that's true, but how many kids had read a Ant-Man comic or a Thor comic before seeing those movies? Probably very few. Superhero movies have become their own genre now, and kids want to see it if it means more people with amazing suits or powers saving the world from destruction. So it comes down to this: Most kids won't be able to see Deadpool, lessening box office receipts; and parents with younger children can't take their children with them and will wait until it's on Netflix to see it, further lessening the receipts.

2) Say Good-bye to China

Secondly, as you may know, Deadpool has been banned in China. Now right away, you may think "Big deal". But at this time, China is the is the 2cd highest movie market, barely trailing behind the US. Deadpool being banned in China takes a pretty sizeable chunk of money outta Fox's pockets. It could easily take out $50 million an possibly even more. Depending on what the hype level in China was before Deadpool was banned, it could have a devastating effect on its box office returns.

3) Do I know you?

Just like Wolverine to steal the spotlight!
Just like Wolverine to steal the spotlight!

Yes, Deadpool's popular. He's in countless memes on the internet, but I know more than a few people who had never heard of Deadpool before seeing the trailer. He's nowhere near the name recognition that Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and even Wolverine have. When making a movie about the before-mentioned heroes, all you have to do is make a cool logo, make a cool title, and post it online; and suddenly everyone's looking for tickets. This is clearly shown with Wolverine: a third Wolverine movie is being released in March 2017, and we have no information on it save for a few rumors; but already people have been putting this down on a "list of movies to see in the next few years" list.

4) Not as marketable

Title and slogan just don't fit right together.
Title and slogan just don't fit right together.

Ok, so Deadpool's release date is rather ironic. But perhaps its ironic release date is actually harming the movie. But how do you market the title 'Deadpool' for Valentine's Day? Now I realize they've already tried doing that, but on Valentine's Day, couples see romance movies with romantic titles, not titles with the word "dead" in it. I mean, imagine you and your partner want to see a movie on Valentine's Day weekend: would you guys decide on a movie called, like "Love at first site and then forever" or "Deadpool", provided you and your partner aren't superhero or comic book fans.

In Conclusion...

So that's all I got to say. I am looking forward to Deadpool a lot, despite what I may have said above. And I hope it's a financial success, but there's evidence supporting that it won't be. Fingers crossed, though, right? Because as much as we want Marvel to get all their characters back, we don't actually want Deadpool to be a failure at the theatres like Fantastic Four was. (Although Fantastic 4 was horrible and deserved its very poor and low performance) Until next time, Goodbye and thanks for reading!!!


Is Deadpool set to make a very small amount of money at the box office?


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