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Everyone has their childhood classics, but with every week more and more of these classics are being announced for reboots. With the internet in uproar and fans unhappy, sometimes upcoming remakes are kept quiet for a while. Here is a list of 9 movie remakes of your childhood classics you had no idea were happening.

1. Drop Dead Fred

With no release date and few details released, this one is still quite a possibility. However a few names are set. Dennis McNicholas, a current Saturday Night Live writer is set to write the script and Russel Brand is rumored for the role of Fred.

2. WarGames

Project Almanac director, Dean Israelite, is set to direct with no other names attached as of yet. However he did say that his next film, out of all of his projects, will be WarGames. So expect to see some news in the coming months.

3. Jumanji

This one is pretty set in stone sadly. After Robin Williams, lead star of the original film passed away in mid 2014, there was still a chance the film could be pulled. Sadly not. Jake Kasdan, director of such critical hits such as Sex Tape and Bad Teacher, is set to helm the film. Kasdan seems the perfect director for a family movie.

The film is set for release in the summer of 2017.

4. Police Academy

Famous Comedy Central sketch show comedians, Key and Peele, announced in 2014 that they were producing the planned reboot along with the producer of the original film, Paul Maslansky. Since then no news has been heard about the film and its attached cast.

5. IT

Steven King's original horrifying tale has been set for a remake for decades, now the gears are finally in motion. Will Poulter, yes the goofy kid from We're the Millers has been cast as Pennywise. On lighter news the original director, Cary Fukunaga of True Detective fame, walked out weeks before shooting due to "creative differences".

6. The Birds

After the last Alfred Hitchcock remake being a disaster on all fronts, his works have remained reasonably untouched until now. With reports surfacing that Michael Bay was set to produce , the complaints had already began and reasonably so. Megan Fox leading the birds somehow sounds annoying already. Director Diederik Van Rooijen, whom of which you probably know zero of his films, has had his name attached to the project. Luckily nothing more has been heard about the film, fingers crossed for indefinite hold.

7. Cliffhanger

Action films with original plots are a rarity nowadays and it was only a matter of time before they poached Stallone's cliff face action flick. So far there is no one set to direct or star, but Fast and Furious producer, Neil Moritz, is on board to produce and a script has been commissioned.

8. Logan's Run

Production has been on and off since the mid-nineties and an abundance of names being attached such as Bryan Singer, Christopher McQuarrie and Ryan Gosling. Most recently though, it has been the game developer and Bioshock creator Ken Levine, who has taken reigns of the project. Recent news is yet to surface.


If you could STOP production on any of these films which one would it be?


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