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First, this entire article is pretty much a spoiler for the latest episode of The Flash, so you've been warned. Perhaps you're wondering what might be in store for our heroes?

Well only the writers truly know the answer to that, but it is incredibly exciting to imagine all the possibilities there are. Every week we are presented with these possibilities that our imagination can only hope for, and the last The Flash episode was no exception to the rule. There are so many more ideas which could happen as a result of the events!

In the latest The Flash episode, Barry Allen and his team at S.T.A.R. Labs had to face a very difficult decision when it was finally revealed that Harry Wells was stealing the speedforce from The Flash. Doom him and his daughter and send them back to Earth 2 before closing the breach? Or some other solution they hadn't thought about?

They decided to help him save his daughter. How you ask? The whole team is going to go to Earth-2.

Just let that sink in.


That's literally a whole world of possibilities for plotlines. Anything could happen. They could go there and save her and everything could be great. They could fail, and Barry could die or have the speedforce taken from him only for him to get it in back in a later episode. It could go for good. They could defeat Zoom and save Harry Wells' daughter but doom Earth-2 to destruction! What if they were to save them and Earth-2 no longer had a place for them because the timeline had been disrupted? Would they have to bring Harry and his daughter back to Earth-1?

Anything could happen in the future of this TV show. The best part is the universe of the scarlet speedster is connected to Arrow. How could this affect Arrow? Yet another interesting point is that when Harry Wells was first introduced as a character, we found out through a radio in his office that on Earth-2, it was Robert Queen who made it back from the shipwreck, not his son. It was Robert Queen who adopted the idea of murder to solve the problem of those who failed their city. What if when they're trying to defeat Zoom, they enlisted the help of Earth-2's Arrow? Would Felicity Smoak still be the greatest hacker (oh come on even Dr Snow and Barry admit to Cisco that she is after all)? Would Laurel Lance be Black Canary, or would her sister have never stopped being Canary? Would Laurel Lance have been the one in the shipwreck instead of her sister?

Now obviously with so many questions it's difficult to pinpoint any of them to expand on as ideas in themselves. In fact, you probably have plenty of ideas yourself as to what could happen as a result of The Flash going with his team to Earth-2. Be sure to leave those in the comments as well. That being said, I have a few theories which are personal favourites of mine at this point.

1) Harry and His Daughter Come Back to Earth-1

Image courtesy of CW, The Flash
Image courtesy of CW, The Flash

The timeline doesn't account for a version of The Flash saving Harry's daughter Jesse. Perhaps if Barry defeats Zoom and saves her, it would disrupt the timeline. Harry's daughter at that point would have her fate changed. Let us suppose that her original fate was death. If she were to be saved, then she would be alive instead of dead. This one detail could have the potential to make an enormous difference on Earth-2. Maybe the team will decide that instead of that, they would bring Harry and his daughter back to Earth-1. After all, that timeline has already been changed drastically from its original so what's a little more change? They could join the team and help solve crime.

2) Team Arrow Changes With Robert at the Helm

Image courtesy of CW, Arrow
Image courtesy of CW, Arrow

Oliver enlisted the help of Felicity from his company. However, that same company was owned by Robert Queen. Would Oliver's father see the same potential in Felicity Smoak for Team Arrow? Would he trust her enough? Would Robert veer from the path of darkness and murderous habits? Officer Lance looks down on murder of the Arrow on Earth-1, but would he even be an officer anymore on Earth-2? After all, he is a recovering alcoholic on Earth-1. It is entirely possible that somewhere along the line something might have happened to have him taken off the force. However if he is still on the force, would he level the same judgment on Robert as he did on Oliver?

Would Robert have just outright refused to work with anyone else and preferred to work alone? Perhaps Robert may have denied help from the Lance sisters because they were too young to be in the crime-fighting business.

Whatever happens in the coming episodes of both shows, it should be very interesting. The question is: are you excited to find out what will happen to our favorite characters? I sure am.


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