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If you struggled to hold your sh** together long enough to get through P.T, then I highly recommend that you steer well clear of Visage. This latest horror offering is a new breed of first-person horror that will have even the hardiest of horror fans clawing for the light switch!

Of course, if you are a true horror fan, you will take on anything, right? Ok, I dare you to try this! The first thing that stands out is that it is a proper haunting. Psychological yes, but it is actual spirits of the deceased that will be haunting you.

What is it about?

This first-person horror is set in the '80s and sees the player locked inside a huge old house. This house has been witness to many a horrific act throughout the years and the player will be haunted by the ghosts of the families that both lived and died there.

In this house where "terrible things have happened," the player must follow clues and explore the mysteries that surround the many ill-fated souls that haunt your journey.

The game has been coined “Visage” by the developers as this will refer to the many horrific visions that you will be forced to witness as you attempt to survive the terror that awaits. Be aware however that these visions will uncover certain secrets that the house does not want you to know — if you venture too deep, it will only be a matter of time before the darkness will be coming for you.

A unique experience

What I find special here is that in Visage there is no specific order in which you must achieve a goal. You are allowed to amble through the house entirely at your own pace — and trust me you will be taking it extremely slow. Players are granted the freedom to create their own experiences (or nightmares) inside the house.

You can even control how fast and how far you open a door — just a peek is all that's necessary for me. Turn on lamps, rummage through draws or even stand dead still, frozen to the spot for 13 mins (not that this happened to me at all) — you decide what to do, you dictate the pace.

I have to say, this game is shaping up to be one of the best, most haunting paranormal experiences I have seen in a game. Visage is certainly a game that you take away with you once you have put down the controller — I'd perhaps invest in a nightlight for this one.

Everything in Visage is scary, even the pictures on the walls. The developers have done a truly stellar job in creating an atmosphere that evokes so much fear from the player. This is not a game that relies on just jump scares, although you will be scared and you will jump out of your chair (a lot). There is no combat involved, but you can die if you don’t stay clear of the horrors that haunt you.

Visage looks to be edging ever closer to dethroning the mighty [P.T.](tag:3766701). This latest offering from SadSquare Studio is a heart-pounding, fingernail-gnawing ordeal that truly gets inside your head.

The team is seeking $43,000 in funding to get the game completed for a Q1 release next year. If I had the cash, I would pay for it myself — if you want to see this game come to fruition, check out more details over on Kickstarter.

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