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Just a few days ago, Leonardo DiCaprio set the Internet aflame at approximately 6:46PM (PST) when he valiantly whipped out his vaping tool and lit up at the SAG 2016 Awards.

Fans all around exploded with mixed reactions, with many embracing their own dirty habit and praising the actor as the ultimate king of cool. Others, including the American Lung Association, were not all too pleased with Leo's shameful example:

Now, we've been told that if he puffs away on his vape again at the Academy Awards, shit's gonna go down. Hollywood's infamous Dolby Theatre is having none of it and the organizers of the event are adamant that it's not prepared to make any exceptions regarding its strict smoking policy.

Yet, despite the fact that Leo scooped up a prestigious SAG award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role for The Revenant, they've made it quite clear that getting your back ripped to shreds by a bear or chomping on raw bison liver isn't enough to get you a vaping pass at the ceremony.

So, poor Leo better slap on that nicotine patch or get chewing if he's prepared to step up to the 88th Academy Awards podium to pick up that long-awaited Oscar without jittery withdrawal symptoms. Or at least, he should be ready to brave the elements once again by sneaking out for a cheeky cig after his win.

And while he's coming to terms with all of the above, at least Leo can take comfort from the fact that he won't be the only celebrity there struggling with the vaping ban — here are five others:

1. No vapes for Jack Nicholson!

2. Absolutely none for Johnny Depp

3. Wanna vape, Michelle Rodriguez? Sorry, not allowed

4. Nope, nope, nope, Katherine Heigl

5. You're not allowed either, Robert Pattinson



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