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Just when you thought you couldn't love George Clooney any more, he goes and does an on point E.R. based rap to brighten up your afternoon. Thanks, George!

The actor, who starred as Dr. Doug Ross in the TV hospital drama between 1994 and 2000, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel in a segment paying homage to his time on the show.

Although he still has an impeccable bedside manner, Clooney employed some pretty unorthodox tactics to keep his patient in the land of the living, including the 'Rappers Delight.'

If you want to see what this life-saving medical procedure looks like, check out the video below, the rap action starts at around the 4 minute mark.

Clooney is joined by another possibly even more famous TV doctor in the clip as Hugh Laurie (a.k.a. Dr. House ) suggests whipping out the bizarre move to bring Jimmy Kimmel back from the brink.

Dr. House also makes an appearance
Dr. House also makes an appearance

I guess the question this naturally leads to is, "who would win in a doctor off?" Cast your votes below!


Who's the most hunky TV doctor?

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