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The very first episode of Ryan Murphy's new anthology series American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson debuted last night, and has immediately been lauded as one of Murphy's best offerings. Though the story is one which is already extremely familiar to viewers, it seems like the combination of such a famous case as well as an all-star cast was enough to pull in a massive audience.

But after attracting the numbers, what did the audience think of the first output of the 10-episode long season? Check out what those on social media thought about American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson episode 1, 'From the Ashes of Tragedy,' and be sure to tell me what you thought in the comments below.

Some didn't think the premiere was long enough:

While others just plain loved it:

For some, it was Sarah Paulson, a Ryan Murphy favorite, who pulled them in:

already hooked ! #thepeoplevsojsimpson #americancrimestory #fx

A photo posted by marīana ❁ (@__nanniiii) on

Let's be real though, she made the best of a bad hair situation.

For others it was straight up nostalgia that really brought the show home:

Nostalgia at its finest. #americancrimestory #thepeoplevsojsimpson #FX

A photo posted by David Nwachuku (@justforsneaks07) on

The year was 1995, my friends, and shoulder pads and big hats were still very in vogue.

Someone pointed out that despite knowing how the season would end, it was still extremely addictive:

But of course, not everyone was onboard:

For some, it was the costumes that stole the show:

Give these hats an Emmy STAT! #conniebritton #selmablair #americancrimestory #thepeoplevsojsimpson

A photo posted by Sarah Bloodsworth (@sbloodsworth) on


Episode 2 of American Crime Story will air on February 2nd on FX.


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