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Halle Berry has spoken out about the continued lack of diversity in the movie industry and the 49-year-old Oscar winner is "heartbroken" that the predictions she made in her acceptance speech haven't come to pass.

Speaking at the Makers Conference earlier today, Berry, who was the first woman of color to win an Oscar for a leading role, described the overwhelming whiteness of Hollywood as "the elephant in the room."

If you need reminding of the positive message that celebrated people of color in Halle's groundbreaking win, listen to her emotional Oscars speech below:

Berry also spoke about how she is in saddened disbelief that not a solitary woman of color has won after her win. She said:

"To sit here almost 15 years later, and knowing that another woman of color has not walked through that door, is heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking because I thought that moment was bigger than me. It’s heartbreaking to start to think maybe it wasn’t bigger than me. Maybe it wasn’t. And I so desperately felt like it was."
Berry in Monster's Ball
Berry in Monster's Ball

Since Berry's win in 2002, only three black women have been nominated for an Oscar for a leading role: Gabourey Sidibe for Precious, Viola Davis for The Help, and Quvenzhané Wallis for Beasts of the Southern Wild. None of them won.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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