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The lines between Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool have blurred so much, it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

Reynolds's flawlessly laudable portrayal of the comic book character has provided Fox with plenty of innovative and original marketing material. Much of the promotion surrounding the movie has come directly from the mouth of the Merc himself.

Carrying on in a similar fashion, the latest marketing tool in Fox's repertoire is brilliance personified.

Those Of You Who Have A Crush On Deadpool Might Be Lucky Enough To Find Him Hanging Out On Tinder

Yup, the pansexual antihero has been spotted on the mobile dating app by In his trademark jocular style, Wade Wilson's alter ego's profile states he is a:

Semi-professional bad guy "un-aliver," chimichanga connoisseur, and frequent patron of Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Girls.

Along with some completely apt emojis, of course.

Deadpool Has Even Flexed His Seductive Muscles

By comparing our lucky lady (or man... or, mutant?) to a pink starburst. *Swoon*.

While this is completely epic, there has been no word yet as to whether this is a deliberate marketing strategy by Fox, or just a randy fan. However, the profile does link to the movie and Deadpool has messaged lucky users with links to tickets.

Plus, This Wouldn't Be The First Time 'Deadpool' Has Been Marketed For, Er, Romance Lovers

The inconspicuous billboard below went viral for its tongue-in-cheek play on the Rom-Com genre — not only does Deadpool arrive on Valentine's weekend, Reynolds has starred in his fair share of romantic comedies in the past.

The countdown for the film's release can't come quick enough — it feels like we've been waiting forever for the badass antihero to hit screens.

Following on from the movie receiving an R-rating for violence, profanity and sex, it seems Deadpool is all set to be one of the most controversial comic book characters to make the big screen.

I suppose, then, the only question left to ask is...

'Deadpool' is released on February 12th.


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