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Before there was High School Musical and Glee, there was the ultimate all singing, all dancing, teenage troupe of high schoolers fronted by much-lusted after John Travolta, and the peachy-keen jellybean, Olivia Newton-John.

From swinging their hips down the steps of the football field, to shaking their bits atop an old bucket of rust, we followed the Rydell High kids through their drop outs, break-ups, sleepovers and drag races in what has undoubtably become one of the most iconic movies of all time.

Love for the 1971 musical classic has been ramped up again this week, thanks to a surprisingly brilliant and all-out well received live TV rehash starring Vanessa Hudgens.

It's been 40 years since these smooth groovers graduated and weirdly, they mostly look basically the same as they did four decades ago. Check it out:

Danny - John Travolta

Sandy - Olivia Newton-John

Rizzo - Stockard Channing

Kenickie - Jeff Conaway

R.I.P Jeff Conaway 1950-2011

Doody - Barry Pearl

Sonny - Michael Tucci

Jan - Jamie Donnelly

Frenchy - Didi Conn

Putsie - Kelly Ward

Marty - Dinah Manoff

What's your favorite musical? (Tell me about it, Stud)


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