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We all know that in Harry Potter, Cho Chang is the lucky lady who gets the chance to smack her lips onto the Chosen One in the fifth installment, the Order of the Phoenix. If you need a reminder of the unforgettable moment in the sneaky Room of Requirement, here it is in all it's glory:

Yet, it now seems that the actress who brought Cho to life, Katie Leung, has some major regrets about the crucial scene. In fact, she's gone as far as to refer to it as "horrific!"

So was it the awkwardness of having to kiss a stranger? Daniel Radcliffe's sloppy washing-machine technique or the fact that she didn't hold back on the garlic at lunch? Nope, nope and nope – the reason behind Katie's major regret is her haircut!

Speaking at the Universal Orlando's three-day celebration of Harry Potter on Friday, she cringed at her eye-brow grazing bangs, saying:

"I wish I never cut my hair the way I did. I had this horrific haircut!"

And that's not the only thing she's embarrassed about. Thinking back over her Harry Potter career, she revealed:

"You grow as an actor and you change your choices. That's partly why I can't watch them. I'm just really judgmental of myself."

In particular, Katie mentioned the difficulties of coming to terms with how huge the entire production really was. She recalled her first day on the set, admitting how overwhelmed she felt by the whole experience and the number of people working to bring the colossal project to life:

"Just not having an idea of what it was like to be on a film set. I remember being really nervous and scared on the first day and consequently for another few months!"

Similarly Bonnie Wright, the gorgeous red-head who played Ginny, spoke of her memories of being on set at the age of 10:

"The idea of the unknown made it that much more special. Being so young and being innocent about it enabled everything to be quite new. I think for all of us, we were all in the same boat. None of us really knew where it was going to head. The unknown to that was quite beautiful in a way."

No regrets guys, no regrets!



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