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Ever since the movie was announced, fans have been trying to guess what [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is about. There have been tons of rumors and supposed leaks, and the one to cause the biggest stir is this script summary from 6 months ago. While many people brushed the summary off as false, now that the trailers have come out it turns out that most of the plot points are actually true. Which means it's highly likely that script leak was genuine.

Spoiler warning: this probably will contain spoilers for Batman vs Superman!

I won't go into too much detail because the script summary is very detailed (it's basically a wall of text), but here are the main points we now know will happen in Dawn Of Justice...

Lex Luthor Is Experimenting On Zod's Body

Long before the second trailer was released, the leaked synopsis revealed that Lex Luthor would be experimenting on Zod's body, in order to develop a weapon...

"Luthor also has collected Zod's body and harvested his DNA, using technology based on the Genesis Chamber to craft a biotechnological weapon that could fight Superman."
Lex Luthor has Zod's corpse.
Lex Luthor has Zod's corpse.

A biotechnology weapon, eh? That sounds an awful lot like Lex is building Doomsday... and we'll get to that later.

Luthor Hosts A Fundraiser

The second trailer begins with this very fundraiser, as predicted by the synopsis.

"Luthor promotes a fundraiser for the Metropolis Museum, the building where Zod was murdered, something which he makes sure to point out. Clark interviews Bruce..."

Which is again, something we saw in the trailer before Luthor interrupts them.

Subtle reverse psychology there, Lex.

The Trio Fights Doomsday

If there's one thing that proves this synopsis actually does come from an early version of the script, it's Doomsday's inclusion.

"Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman battle Doomsday in Metropolis. The heroes manage to minimize collateral damage, but Doomsday is still able to adapt to their abilities and overpower them."
Teenage Mutant Ninja Doomsday
Teenage Mutant Ninja Doomsday

Many people theorized that Doomsday would be included in Batman vs Superman, but much of that speculation was prompted by the synopsis itself. And now we know Doomsday will be involved. Meanwhile...

Lois Infiltrates LuthorCorp

This is a small detail pointed out in the synopsis, but it's still something we saw happen in the second trailer.

And there's a bunch of other little details that line up with what we've seen: Wonder Woman is posing as a wealthy humanitarian (explaining her presence at the fundraiser), and Mercy Graves is working as Lex Luthor's assistant. There are also a few points that might happen, according to hints in the trailers...

Jimmy Olsen Lost His Legs

Thanks to leaked images from the set, fans speculated that Scoot McNairy might be playing a paraplegic Jimmy Olsen, and it looks like this theory could be correct.

Scoot McNairy's character in trailer 2.
Scoot McNairy's character in trailer 2.

The leaked synopsis pin points Jimmy Olsen as one of the minor characters, whom Clark works with at the Daily Planet.

"[Clark] befriends Jim Olsen, a photographer who lost his legs in Zod's invasion."

Scoot McNairy's character hasn't yet been confirmed, so it's possible that this is indeed Jim Olsen.

Aquaman Ambushed

And finally, there's Aquaman's role in Dawn of Justice.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

The synopsis has Aquaman as another minor character: he gets kidnapped by Lex and experimented on, before breaking out and helping battle Doomsday. The details of Aquaman's capture line up with this strange shot from the trailer...

"...ambushes Aquaman after luring him into a trap in a LexCorp oil rig and captures him, bringing him to Cadmus for experimentation."

We still don't know what this shot is, but it definitely looks like the dark shape could be Aquaman hunched over.

Is this really Aquaman in the trailer?
Is this really Aquaman in the trailer?

Probably. Maybe.

So is the leak legit?

Basically, there's nothing in the synopsis that we definitively know WON'T happen in the film, and a few details which are already confirmed. The general plot structure also seems to follow the pattern laid out in the second trailer. There's a bunch of stuff in the synopsis which would be great to see, like Lex experimenting on metahumans and Diana Prince's investigation of him... and Zack Snyder coyly hinted that this subplot will be included in the film.

All in all, it seems likely that this was taken from an early version of the script. Considering scripts are always subject to rewrites, it's probable that the final version of Batman vs Superman will be quite different to the synopsis. But if you want to risk spoiling everything about the film for yourself, check out the full synopsis here!


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