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I'm a huge fan of these comic books made in to movies franchises. What I am NOT AT ALL a fan of is the changing who plays the characters I have come to love. I don't have comic books, so I have come to love these characters strictly by watching the movies, and what I remember from my childhood watching the old Saturday morning cartoons. I liked the Tobey McGuire Spiderman movies, and for me and my husband, he nailed it. Then they rebooted and did The Amazing Spiderman with Andrew Garfield. I was very reluctant to see it, seriously uninterested because it was a different person playing a character I had become reacquainted with and loved through McGuire playing the role. After months of my husband prodding me to give it a shot, I gave in and watched it. I loved it! And so here I was, having to admit that Andrew Garfield was spot on, and so I have come to love Garfield's portrayal of Spiderman, but it took a lot of effort for me to come to this consensus. Now I read that Spidey is going to be in another movie and now it is yet another actor playing the part!!! I have gone through this with the Hulk movies, and many other movie and television series, I'm sick of it! It wasn't broken so why the hell does everyone have to go and "fix" it?!?! I will NOT be watching any movie that has Spiderman in it without Garfield playing the role. I'm done with the role switching crap. It just ruins the magic of the character when you keep having different people do it. No offense meant to Tom Holland.


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