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As I'm sure many of you have now heard, the classic romantic film from 1987 which starred Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey as two star crossed lovers who come together in dance is getting a remake.

ABC have officially greenlit a new three-hour musical version of the 1987 hit romantic drama with Jessica Sharzer (American Horror Story) writing the adaptation for television and original film screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein on board as an executive producer. This time around, Abigail Breslin (Scream Queens, Little Miss Sunshine, Deadly Sisters) will play the new “Baby,” described an “an innocent young woman in the early 1960s who vacations with her affluent parents and siblings in the Catskill Mountains and falls for the resort’s working-class dance instructor.” It has also been confirmed that Baby's mother Marjorie will be played by Debra Messing in a recent casting announcement - still no word on who's playing Johnny...

Many casting rumours have been circulating social media which includes Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and even Channing Tatumn (maybe not for this production, but he may be starring as Johnny in a live-action performance on stage with Anna Kendrick - nothing confirmed yet though) and although the other actors are well-known and talented, one name for me kept coming to mind and I'm honestly surprised he hasn't been recommended yet - Jacob Artist.

The actor known for starring in Glee and his new recurring role on Quantico and his film roles in After the Dark and White Bird in a Blizzard, he is my top favourite to take on this iconic role and here's my reasons why:

He's a fresh face

It's safe to say Artist is a good-looking guy and will definitely attract audiences, but he's also still fairly new to the acting industry and he can bring a fresh take on this iconic role. He'll also attract fans of the hit Glee series as he was praised for his acting, singing and dancing abilities - he's also age appropriate to act opposite Breslin in romantic scenes.

He's a talented dancer

A former Juilliard protégée and although Artist turned down a place at the Performing Arts college to pursue a career in acting, he is both a classical and contemporary trained dancer. He has been able to showcase his dancing in countless performances on Glee and one very brief but beautiful ballet performance in After the Dark, which of course dance is a vital characteristic for the male lead in Dirty Dancing. If Artist was cast as Johnny, it'll be for certain he'll be able to dance extremely well and give performances just as good as Swayze.

A perfect romantic lead

He is known for playing the bad boy with a heart of gold and the patient and understanding love interest and has played the love interest opposite actors such as Shailene Woodley, Melissa Benoist and Freddie Stroma and gave terrific and heartfelt performances. Artist had previously played the bad boy dancing talent alongside Benoist as the shy good girl in Glee, both giving beautiful performances and a relationship that should have definitely been explored more in the series. The role of Johnny is very emotionally complex as well as deeply romantic, something I believe Artist could portray alongside Breslin.

With these reasons in mind, Jacob Artist would be a great casting choice to play the male lead for this new adaptation of Dirty Dancing and I am looking forward to seeing who will be officially cast as Baby's main love interest.


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