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After all the countless articles that have been written about Disney princesses over the years, I admit that I thought I knew almost everything there was to know about our main Disney gals. However, after Buzzfeed staff writer Mathew Jedeikin recently brought to my attention one very interesting detail about some of our favorite Disney characters, it turns out I was totally wrong!

Take a look at the picture of all 11 official Disney princesses (sadly Elsa and Anna have not yet been inducted into the group), and see if you can pick out the detail:

Notice it? If not, take a closer look at just three of the group, Cinderella, Belle, and Tiana:

Notice anything? How about the fact that they're the only Disney princesses who are all wearing long gloves?

Now on the outset this might not look like such a big deal, but it sort of becomes fascinating once you realize that all three of these princesses weren't born into royalty, but rather married into it — Tiana married Prince Naveen, Belle married the Prince (who is unofficially called Prince Adam), and Cinderella married Prince Charming.

On the flip side, the remaining eight princesses all rock bare arms (or hands). Of those eight, all of them all except Mulan were born into their royal titles. However Mulan is a whole exception in herself — she doesn't actually become a princess at all in her film, but rather gained the honor of becoming an official Disney princess through her heroic acts.

So why are these three common-born princesses the only ones in the Disney princess lineup to wear gloves? One commenter may have totally cracked this case wide open:

Source: Buzzfeed/Joshua Matthew
Source: Buzzfeed/Joshua Matthew

Yes! Think about it — Cinderella's hands would definitely be calloused and rough after having to clean. Belle, as the primary caregiver for her dear, but rather scatter-brained father (plus, ya know, all those paper cuts), probably had to do more than her fair share of chores around the house, and Tiana is bound to have picked up a decent amount of burns from her hours slaving over a hot oven and stove. What is the perfect cover up for those hardworking hands? Gloves!

I don't know about you, but I think Joshua Matthew has solved the case of the gloved princesses — do you agree?

Source: Buzzfeed


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