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If you've ever wanted a mirror to tell you what's going down during your day, a genius Redditor has come up with a solution that puts the Evil Queen's enchanted looking glass to shame.

Ineptech made a pretty awesome mirror that syncs with your calendar and tells you exactly what the day has in store for you. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell you how hot you are that day, unless you are referring to temperature, of course.

If you feel like whipping one of these bad boys up for yourself, Ineptech also includes some handy instructions on how to make one yourself with a few simple (albeit quite pricey) items.

First you need to get yourself a tablet, a two way mirror, a frame, and a black piece of cardboard, and then assemble it as follows.

To begin, cut the black cardboard the same size of the mirror and then cut a hole to slot the tablet in before securely attaching it with velcro strips.

Then download the app from this link and configure the following features.

  • Time and date
  • Reminders from google calendar
  • Current temperature and highs and lows for the day
  • Stock quotes
  • The time until your bus or train arrives.

Setting all of this up can be a little fiddly, so check out this site if you need some help getting it all figured out.

Then you'll be all ready to ask "mirror mirror on the wall, what time is my conference call?" Perfect.

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