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Well, hello reader! My name is Sparsh but the people call me 'Sparky' and you should call me 'Sparky' too! You may be wondering what this post is about. Well, Deadpool's movie is about to release and so I thought it would be nice to share something good about him.

Now reader — can I call you that, since I don't know your real name? Great! I am calling you reader whether you like it or not! Back to the post, and before that there's a rule: go ask your mommy if you are allowed to read this post, if not read my other posts here.

I see you visited my awesome post that I had to write, (which took a lot of freaking time so you better be happy!) and yes, I am trying to break the fourth wall here so you better comment if you liked it.

Here are 20 times Deadpool just f*cking nailed it!

1. When he takes the time to visit his friends in the hospital

2. When he shows you that he can take the high road

3. When he can laugh about a bad situation

4. When he talks science and shit

5. The great Deadpoolio's trick

6. When he just blows up

7. Don't talk Star Wars with him

8. Well...

9. Never underestimate him...

10. When he pretends to be the Bat

11. Poor Deadpool

12. Simply Deadpool

13. And he loves chimichangas...

14. And of course the fangirls

15. He is the master of disguise

16. Don't let the Punisher know

17. He has a kid inside him

18. When he shows you he has sympathy

19. Ohh... he's way too smart

20. When he is high


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