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Now, with a movie of such explosive pop cultural magnetism as Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, it's not really all that surprising that the interweb as a whole has been poring over every detail in search of something everyone else has thus far missed. Whether that's a secret cameo, a plot hint for future movies, or even a hidden visual gag, fans the world over have been re-watching the movie with a metaphorical fine-toothed comb, seeking to find that one perfect moment of something truly new.

In the face of that persistence, however, there have been a few defiantly lingering mysteries. Including this vital question:

Just What Does The Writing On Poe's Flight Suit Say?

Specifically this writing, right here:

After all — what better place for a handsomely intriguing Easter Egg than in plain sight on the dangerously dreamy Poe Dameron's chest? Speculation has mounted as to just what it could read, with the writing appearing to be too lengthy to simply feature his name.

Before we dwell too long in speculation over just what delightful tease director J.J. Abrams and co. hid on there, though...

It Seems Someone Has Worked Out Exactly What Is Written On Poe's Jacket

Specifically, an intrepid Tumblrer going by @youneedapiilot.

Now, the logic employed here very much deserves to be heard first hand (which you can read just below) but before we get to it, there's one key, geek-tastic piece of background information that it's probably worth discussing.

Specifically, this...

...the Star Wars universe-based writing system known as Aurebesh, a.k.a. one of the two common written forms (the other being High Galactic) of the language we hear the vast majority of the movies' characters speak, Basic.

The reason that's important to know? Because...

@youneedapiilot Just Translated Poe's Flight Suit From Aurebesh To English

That's right.

The giant, theoretically saga-defining secret being hidden within that alien language was simply disguising the phrase 'pull to inflate'. Which means...

Poe Dameron Was Wearing A Life Jacket The Whole Time

Now, in fairness, that makes a whole lot of sense from a safety standpoint, but it's also perhaps a little less exciting a secret than some of us were hoping for.

On the plus side, though, we now know two vitally important things:

1) The Resistance is very concerned with the well-being of its pilots, and...

2) Online geekery is still alive and well (and awesome).

Nicely played, @youneedapiilot. Nicely played indeed...

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