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With the recent arrival of Grease: Live, we’ve suddenly got a hint of nostalgia for the classic film and the musical that inspired it. One major part of the Grease story is the songs, but how have they stood the test of time? Be aware, this is not a list of the “best” Grease songs, but the most iconic (because otherwise I’d probably put ‘Mooning’ up a lot higher than it is). In terms of the actual songs, the songs that are featured here are from both the musical and the film, using Grease: The Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture as a direct source, excluding songs that originated elsewhere.

19. Blue Moon

Even if you watched the musical and the film, this wasn’t a very memorable song.

18. Sandy

Even though it featured in the film (which got arguably more exposure than the musical) nobody can really call forth this song from their memory and it hasn’t made much of an impact.

17. It’s Raining On Prom Night

More known for its title than the actual song, this song was barely memorable.

16. Mooning

Personally one of my favourites (and not just because I played Roger in my school musical), but it didn’t really reach the mainstream (probably due to the fact that it wasn’t in the film).

15. Freddy, My Love

Another musical-only song from a character who doesn’t really do much in the film, this one may not be memorable compared to the others, but it was probably bouncing around somewhere in the heads of those that had just finished watching the musical.

14. Tears On My Pillow

Ok this one is a bit special because while this song originated elsewhere, most people who know it know it from Grease, but it still isn’t up there with the big hitters.

13. There Are Worse Thing (I Could Do)

Purely because this is one of the go-to songs for Betty Rizzo and it featured in the film, this song makes it this high, even though the casual viewer wouldn’t quite know it.

12. Those Magic Changes

One of the songs that made it past musical obscurity and is back in the public eye after Grease: Live this song is iconic with the Doody character.

11. Rock n Roll Party Queen

A jam which managed to make its way out of being related to Grease with the casual musical-watcher but still is an iconic song.

10.Beauty School Dropout

While not one of the immediate hits of the musical, the exposure from the film and dream sequence associated with it places it in the minds of those that watched the film as one of the major parts of the film.

9. Alone At A Drive-In Movie

A musical-only song that leapt out of obscurity despite not being featured in the film, this song could almost be mistaken for having featured in the film because it’s so iconic in terms of the Danny-Sandy relationship.

8. Born To Hand Jive

A classic jive that really stands the test of time, this gem became one of the most iconic Grease songs.

7. We Go Together

The song that really ties up the whole film, this one is one of the most memorable songs, especially given the fact that it features at the very end.

6. Grease

The opening song to Grease just sums up what the musical meant and what the film means and the song only gets more poignant as the years roll on. It’s immediately associated with Grease and is one of the only original songs made for the film.

5. Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee

The absolute pinnacle of songs sung by the Pink Ladies, this Betty Rizzo song was one of the majorly iconic songs from both the musical and the film.

4. Hopelessly Devoted To You

The most memorable solo Olivia Newton-John song, this song has leapt out of just being about Grease and has become its own thing. The only reason it isn’t higher is because I’m talking about which is more iconic to Grease.

3.You’re The One That I Want

An instant classic and again one of the main takeaways, given its closeness to the end.

2. Greased Lightnin’

This song is synonymous with Grease and is probably the most well-known song from the T Birds.

1. Summer Nights

This is the ultimate iconic Grease song. This song is the exact tone of the film, sums up the film’s prologue, sets up so much more and is sung by every character of relevance. It’s most definitely the most iconic song from Grease.

So what did you think? Are these songs as iconic as I think? What would you consider the most iconic Grease song? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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