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Despite reality TV launching her career in 2004, Kristin Cavallari claims she was far from happy whilst filming Orange County based Laguna Beach. Opening up to Momtastic, the 29-year-old mom of three explains how her "real life" was repeatedly "manipulated" for the show and constantly "put in situations we never would have been in normally."

During the Q&A she recalled,

"It’s funny because on Laguna Beach I came off like the person who really had my s--t together. But I was a mess — like most teenagers. I was really unhappy. There’s a saying that you have to learn to love yourself before anyone else can love you, and it’s very true."

Very true indeed, and solid advice, especially for anyone thinking of pursuing a career in the public eye.

Cavallari went onto discuss how she learned to find a balance between her authentic off-screen self, and her bitchy on-screen persona:

"I looked at it strictly as a job; we filmed three different scenes, three days a week. I had my life on-camera and a completely different life off-camera. I knew the character they wanted me to play, and this time I was game. Since I looked at it as a job, it was fun to play up the villain character."

This isn't the first time Kristin Cavallari has opened up about feeling manipulated whilst filming Laguna Beach. In 2014 she went over he experience on an episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now? which you can check out below:

Source: Us Magazine


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