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Channing Tatum has been buddying up with George Clooney on the set of Hail Caesar! and the Magic Mike star has revealed he is willing to do pretty much anything to share a stage with the silver fox.

In an interview with E! News Tatum revealed that he offered Clooney a meaty role in the stripper comedy and he was willing to sacrifice his salary to make it happen, Channing explained:

"If he would do Magic Mike 3, I will give him all of my part of the money. It's all yours."
If George Clooney was a stripper
If George Clooney was a stripper

Although a third movie hasn't been confirmed yet, Clooney seemed pretty thrilled with the prospect of a mega pay out, George jokingly replied

"I can use the money. Things are going a little slow."

Naturally, their Magic Mike based convo soon moved onto stripper names and it turns out the tried and tested "first pet and road you grew up on" formula worked a charm with Clooney, Channing told interviews that his name would be:

"Big Boy Fourth Street. I might have the best name ever."

Here's hoping we get to see Big George shaking it on stage soon. Admit it, we all want to see him do this.

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