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Now, there are a whole lot of things that money can't actually be offered up in exchange for. Love, for instance, as The Beatles so sagely advised, is not something that money can buy. Similarly, wisdom, experience, competence, trust and honor are all things that must be earned or gained through years of effort, rather than the transfer of funds from one bank account to another.

If you happen to be Bruce Wayne, however, that problem does seem to go away a little. After all, while we may not be able to buy our way into super-heroism (what with that being something we'd get arrested for in the real world), ol' Bruce sure was - and Bat-fans around the world are still thankful for that.

As it turns out, though, while we may not be able to buy ourselves the identity of the Dark Knight...

We Can Now Buy the Actual, Factual Bat Signal

Specifically, the bat signal from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - the very one we're set to see in the movie when it opens next month, and that can be espied in the already-released trailers for the film:

That very same bat signal has recently turned up on eBay, courtesy of seller militaryvehicleweb, and... well, it's just about as awesome as it sounds...

Y'see, it turns out that the movie's bat signal was actually a World War II-era searchlight, originally made by General Electric, and was leased to the production. As the seller puts it:

"The WWII General Electric searchlight was leased to the movie production company at the Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Pontiac, Michigan in the summer of 2014. I have full documentation on this light being used on set for the movie. After production, the searchlight was returned without the “bat logo” which I replaced with an exact duplicate."

Which means that you can now, if so inclined, purchase the illuminating piece of movie history for yourself.

The only problem? It's currently on sale for $65,000 dollars.

Which makes it a bargain if you happen to have Bruce Wayne money, but a little pricey for the rest of us. If you want to know more though - or even put down a bid - then you can head to the original eBay listing right here.

And if you do happen to buy it, make sure to let us know (preferably via bat-signal)...

What do you think?

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