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(Warning – the following contains a potentially unsettling argument relating to Suicide Squad that you may not be able to retroactively unsee/hear/know. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise...)

Now, while DC and Warner Bros.'s Suicide Squad is still six months away from hitting the big screen, its ability to generate near-unbridled fan enthusiasm is already very much present and accounted for. Carrying with it as it does the promise of zany, brutally violent supervillain antics, the movie is already sending anticipation levels sky high around the globe.

However, even that lofty level of enthusiasm doesn't mean that everyone is quite so excited about the film's arrival. Dorkly's George Rottkamp and Andrew Bridgman, for instance, seem a little unsure about the movie's casting, with their latest comic strip revealing that...

There Might Just Be a Surprising - and Horrifying - Secret Lying Beneath the Surface of 'Suicide Squad'

In other words? Suicide Squad's own cast is - by that logic, at any rate - the exact same sort of rag-tag team of misfits and outcasts that they're set to play on screen.

Thankfully, though, lest this all end on a sour note, there's one final panel to be seen...

Ah, the sweet taste of a mildly positive conclusion to snark-filled cartoon levity. How I've missed you... Check out the trailer, and most importantly...

What do you reckon?

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