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Archer is coming back, and the FX show wants you all to know it.

Unlike most trailers that tease you with what you might see from a new season, Archer's inventive take on a promo is essentially a tribute to Magnum P.I. (that beloved Tom Selleck show). And by "tribute" I really mean "incredible shot-for-shot remake that exchanges all the characters for Sterling's irreverent gang."

Seriously, this is something that needs to be seen.

Archer continues to be a referential masterpiece

In terms of this season's storyline, the former ISIS agents will head to Los Angeles, where Cyril will start a detective agency. So, this trailer isn't just a memorable parody, it's a glimpse at all of the homages to Magnum we'll be seeing this year.

It really is a shot-for-shot recreation

As someone who was wasn't even alive during the eight years Magnum, P.I. was on the air, I had to go back and see just how faithful the Archer trailer really was. Clearly, they did their homework, and once again I'm rejoicing that Archer will finally be back on TV.

Tune in to Archer's new season when it airs on March 31 on FX.


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