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Taly Andino

This is something that has provoked a lot of chatter in my circle of friends and on Twitter. Is the Deadpool's elaborate campaign to put Deadpool everywhere you look getting tiresome, especially as they ramp it up before it's release on February 12th?

Short answer, absolutely not!

They are playing on what has made the character so popular in Marvel comics and in anything they put him in. Even that B level game that came out back in 2013 was well received by its true fan base. His annoyance, lack of respect, lack of care for anything, is what makes him such a great character to watch. Everyone is used to the everyday superhero, and Deadpool makes for a very good and very acceptable change to the genre.

Here are some of, what I think are his best videos on the web right now:

12 Days of Deadpool

Australia Day!

Year of the Monkey

Public Service Announcement For Men

Public Service Announcement For Women

The marketing machine that is "Deadpool" is hopefully, for the true fan's sake, going to continue this onslaught of reminding the casual fan that he is not what you expect from a superhero, but to true fans, what we all expect from Deadpool. Yes, everywhere you look there is a video, billboard or banner, but that is what makes this character so great.

So yeah, the casual fan is going to get annoyed with the overload of "Deadpool" on their browser or their social medial wall, but they are doing it just the way it should be done. They are not going to shy away from what he is, just to cater to people that would consider the tactics somewhat annoying, because that wouldn't be Deadpool.

So what do you think? Is the "Deadpool" movie marketing campaign doing it right or going a little over board?


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