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When it comes to television entertainment Marvel and Dc comics are doing well so far . when first arrow debut on television on October 2012 it just blown away Audiences minds away , after getting some fame in Television and also a big fan base it did pretty well so far . After a couple of years DC decided to bring Super hero "Flash" to the Television . The Flash first debut in 2014 it was also pretty good so far , it was fun and entertaining . As we all love the comic book hero's a lot we enjoy them pretty good . But Dc recently added another tv show "Dc's legends of tomorrow " , which is pretty good so far .

Now lets come towards another comic book giant Marvel comics they are doing pretty good job when it comes to tv series , they did "Marvel's Daredevil" and "Jessica jones" , which are better than the Dc's tv shows . Still there are a lot upcoming in future from side of marvel . Marvel's Tv show's are good compared to Dc's tv show's . A "Luke cage" Tv show and An "Iron fist" tv show are on the way . Till now we saw how awesome marvel is regarding their choices doing collaboration with Netflix and doing their job well . I think we can't ask for more from them. Marvel connected their tv shows with their movie's which is a good move .

But I expect a much more from the side of Dc in future regarding their television series . Marvel proved them selves as well as Dc . Marvel tried to keep their Tv show's as realistic as possible . But , when it come to Dc tv "The Arrow" was not good as it was in the past .it was becoming a little bit bored and repetitive . But, the Marvel tv shows are awesome compared to Dc's .

These is all my opinion and some talk around me guy's . what do you think . Do you think Dc and Marvel are doing their job well . What do u like the most when it comes to tv show's Marvel's or Dc's ??? :) .


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