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Warning: This article is suitably NSFW, but you read the headline, right? So what else were you expecting?

Love it or hate it, pornography is big business in the world of entertainment. You could say porn is the world of entertainment, seeing as it single handedly generates more money than Hollywood and a whole host of other modes of entertainment.

Porn has introduced the Internet to now seminal innovations like video streaming and digital rights management (DRM), and even decided the winner in the age old battles between VHS & Betamax, VHS & DVD, and HD-DVD & Blu-Ray, with the victors going on to become staples of home cinema.

Sony Betamax deck
Sony Betamax deck

But as the battle for VR begins to heat up with Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive are readying themselves for launch as vessels of the new age of gaming, ready to usher us into a new era of immersion. Naturally, porn has a couple of tricks up its velvet lined sleeves that'll ensure it stays relevant and we stay well immersed within its vice like grip.

Get On The Scene

Take VirtuaDolls for example. This crowdfunded initiative wants to change the way we interact with VR by literally, erm... inserting ourselves into it and having sex with a very unique looking peripheral. But only if you're a dude. Shocker!


Yes, Bill Spracklin and his fledgling company VirtuaDolls have invented a video game controller that is big on the idea of penis insertion, and are working incredibly hard to bring us an “adult virtual reality experience” like no other. Excited yet?

After popping yourself and their first title Girls of Arcadia into the respective slots, VirtuaDolls will whisk you off to a land filled with not so sexy mythical beasts and sexy, busty sprites, where you have to indulge in battle with the former, before receiving your thanks from the dead eyed latter you just emancipated from doom.

Here's a video describing the madness:

I'm still not sure how the combat mechanic will work. Will you just thrust and thrust until the beast is finished? Or will there be some sweet talking and dinner involved?

Like A Sex Machine

Hey ladies
Hey ladies

The f*ckable, twin analog stick having controller is pretty high-tech, and you'd hope so too. Wouldn't want to shove your junk into something archaic and steam-powered, would you?

The peripheral comes with six different sleeve textures - looking like they range from cheese grater to uncut diamonds - and has a handy sensor that can... sense where your peen is placed at the particular time, recreating that image with a digital dick on screen.

It has adjustable speeds of stroke motion, comes complete with a vacuum for added suction and cleaning purposes.

And it synchronizes with the action on the screen, as is helpfully illustrated below.

And, most importantly, VirtuaDoll comes complete with a "simulation" mode, where all of its ladies are fully customizable. Meaning you can alter eye color, hair length, maybe nail lacquer color, personality and career plans. The last two probably not so much.

Well if this does indeed cum to pass, this wave of erotic VR will certainly make the next Elder Scrolls game more interesting. Now time for someone to make a dragon dating mod.

Alternatively, if you fancy getting some more information, head over to VirtuaDolls's Indiegogo page.

(Source: NeoGAF, Kotaku)


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