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Huuuuuuuuuuge fan of fantasy, comics/graphic novels and animation. And DC/Vertigo comics. And did I say Batman?!
Dunya Habibi

How many people prefer window or aisle seat on the plane? Well, it seems if you take a flight on Turkish Airlines' (THY) special themed Boeing 777 aircraft this won't be the only issue that you might consider during your airport check-in, even during your whole flight. As a part of promotional campaign for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie and according to the deal between Warner Bros. and Turkish Airlines (THY), the passengers of Boeing 777 will receive Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie themed new menu items, limited edition travel kits, headphones, special edition frequent flyer card, as well as travel guides to Gotham City and Metropolis! Moreover, passengers will take part in a contest, in which they can get eligibility to attend the movie premier on March 25th in Los Angeles. Therefore, window vs. aisle seat have become the easiest one to deal with; but the side of Batman vs. Superman? That is the question!


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