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Earlier this week, I was scrolling through Disney Channel's upcoming movies in search of some classic Disney films to record for my younger siblings to watch. I came across a 2007 movie called Meet The Robinsons that didn't quite stand out to me. I remembered watching it only once before all the way through, but that was a long time ago and the plot of the story was completely lost to me. Honestly, the only thing I could really remember about it was that it was about a spiky-haired, boy genius who takes a trip through time to visit his future. So, with a shrug, I decided to give it a chance.

I know this isn't a new movie and that there aren't a whole lot of people searching for articles about Meet The Robinsons -okay, okay, there aren't any people searching for articles about Meet The Robinsons- but after watching it that evening with my little brother and sister, I couldn't help but gape over the injustice of how underrated this Disney movie is! With a voice to use and an audience to listen, I decided I would dedicate this article to, in my opinion, one of the most underrated animated Disney movies of all time.

Being the crazed Disney teen that I am, I'm proud to say that not one animated Disney gem has ever slipped by me without being viewed and, inevitably, adored. Growing up in a Disney-loving family, I've vacationed at Walt Disney World several times in my life, I can pretty much recite every single word said in Finding Nemo, and I know basically every Disney song by heart. So, how is it that Meet The Robinsons managed to sneak by me without catching my attention? Well, maybe because Disney wasn't constantly screaming its name in my face.

With little to no publicity in the social world of Disney at all, I think the reason Meet The Robinsons isn't talked about is because nobody really knows about it. During its release, Disney gave it almost no hype or advertisement to promote its selling point. There's nothing to represent the movie at Disney World (which is kind of odd if you ask me, given the whole time travel plot, you'd think Disney could put together some pretty cool rides for Meet The Robinsons if they wanted to). There's no merchandise for it either, and not really any recommendation. I understand that some movies just don't do well after they're released, but it seems that when Disney puts out a good movie such as this one, the company is quick to recognize the potential and even quicker to blow it up. It just seems that Disney gave the movie no support after making it. I really don't know why that is because it's one of the funniest movies I've watched in a long time. I was laughing all the way through!

The movie is about a twelve-year-old orphan named Lewis who was left on the doorstep of an orphanage by his mother when he was a baby. With the brain of a genius and a love for science and inventing, Lewis creates a machine that helps you retrace your footsteps throughout the course of your life, projecting your old, forgotten memories like a movie. He calls it a memory scanner. After it falls into the wrong hands and a series of events take place that leaves Lewis discouraged and frustrated, it's up to a mysterious "time cop from the future" named Wilbur Robinson to restore Lewis' self-confidence and, eventually, help him save the future from the villainous and hilarious Bowler Hat Guy and find the family Lewis has never had.

While the characters in this film are funny all around, it's Goob that truly makes the movie. Old and young, I believe every single person can relate to Goob and his negative but hopeful mindset. Let's face it: there are days where we just feel like spewing a rant that sounds similar to;

"No! Everyone will tell you to let it go and move on, but don't! Instead, let it fester and boil inside of you! Take these feelings and lock them away. Let them fuel your actions. Let hate be your ally, and you will be capable of wonderful, horrid things. Heed my words, Goob! Don't let it go."

Not only is this movie pumped full with humor and adventure, but it also gives an inspiring message at the end after Lewis and his peers learn some valuable lessons. The concept of "Keep Moving Forward" will have a whole new meaning to you after seeing this movie. It's a motivating and touching story, teaching viewers the importance of having a positive and determined attitude and outlook on life, but keeping the mood upbeat and funny all the while. Meet The Robinsons is a great Disney movie all on its own without the help of advertising or promoting, but I still don't believe it has ever received the credibility it deserves. I mean really, singing frogs? Talking dinosaurs? A one sided conversation between a guy and his bowler hat? What more could you ask for?

It may not be the most popular Disney movie, but some of the biggest and brightest diamonds are those that remain hidden in the dark caves. So, keep this in mind the next time you're looking for a good Disney movie to bring back your lunchbox days: you just can't go wrong with Meet The Robinsons.


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