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Aum Shinrikyo is a Japanese doomsday cult. But unlike some cults who just keep themselves to themselves, Aum Shinrikyo have been declared a terrorist organization following a deadly attack on Tokyo's railway system in 1995.

The group released a dangerous nerve agent (sarin) into carriages, which led to the death of 12 people. Thousands had problems with their vision following, and around 50 people received serious injuries.

Considering The Barbarity And Shocking Nature Of This Event, It's Surprising To Discover This Freakishly Melancholy And Pastel Shaded Dance Video:

According to YouTube comments, a barometer which I believe to be 100% reliable, the lyrics are along the lines of:

Leader, Leader, Leader Leader Leader, Asahara Leader
Leader, Leader, Leader Leader Leader, Asahara Leader
Japan's Leader, World's Leader, Universe's Leader
Leader, Leader
Release the light, Stand up now
In a young ace, let's convert
Because we protect our Japan,
We need the leader's power
Leader, Leader, Asahara Leader

I don't think this'll be making the Billboard charts anytime soon...

Source: YouTube


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