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'SAMHAIN' is a Gaelic festival, symbolizing the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, or the darker half of the year...


October 31, Halloween. A young woman is getting set to babysit her little brother while their parents are out. There’s just one problem… our heroine does not respect a long-told jack-o-lantern lit tradition on this spookiest of evenings. That is, until a startling chain of events arises to instill the kind of respect and terror into her that the holiday deserves.



Romain, Raphaël & Damien are three french friends who love Cinema. Last year, the horror cinema lost his master : Wes Craven. They decided to start writing a script in his memory, and here is the result. Romain & Raphaël directed the short film together, this is also their first collaboration.They are aware of their small mistakes, but they do everything to give you a correct result to you. Remember to turn off the lights tonight, so Mr.Krueger can pick you up in peace.

Thanks for watching.


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