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Rugrats is probably one of the best cartoons as a kid born in the 90's was Rugrats and it turns 25 this year! Who didn't love these tykes? They had adventures that all little kids dreamed of! They were funny, brave, and creative toddlers who took our days by storm! The Rugrats was a TV show based on these children that would go on adventures! A majority of the activities would go on while the grown ups paid little to no attention to them! Someone should have called CPS on Stu and Didi Pickles! These kids would get lost in malls, parks, etc and the parents either wouldn't notice or would at the very end.

Tommy was the brave leader! The other kids trusted him and he never let them down. He always had his handy dandy screw driver in his diaper and ran around in just it and a blue shirt! Chuckie was the scaredy cat who was afraid of everything. He was super clumsy with his red shoes always untied. Phil and Lil are twins who love bugs, mostly for a snack! They were just so alike, even dressed the same, except for Lil's pink bow. Kimi was Chuckie's step sister later on in the series. She was basically the female verison of Tommy only in a yellow dress. Ever since the group met her in France, she was always ready to go when adventure called!

Angelica was the typical three year old toddler tyrant who picked on the younger kids! She was the pigtailed cousin who was basically a cookie addict. Susie Carmichael was the friendly neighbor girl. She would appear from time to time always ready to help the younger ones. Susie was also the only regular character of color. Dil was Tommy's brother who played small roles, but was always good for comic relief! As the youngest, he also couldn’t talk, not even to the other babies besides small words.

Some of their greatest moments, in my opinion, were in the earlier episodes. Tommy's first birthday party, which was the pilot episode, was hilarious. Tommy and his friends decided they wanted to be dogs! They use a new toy that Stu, who is Tommy's father, to get a can of dog food!

Another great episode is when Angelica tricks a food delivery place that she is her mother! She uses a voice changer to order food over the phone after her mom tells their grandpa that they cant have sweets. Obviously, she orders tons of sweets! Even though it was a good trick she ends up getting caught!

My absolute favorite episode though was when Stu gets amnesia. In the beginning everything is normal. Stu goes to put a new weather vane on top of the house and ends up falling down! He hits his head and gets amnesia and this leads to all sorts of craziness. The babies figure out that Stu, now Stuie, has become a baby in his mind. They use a sheet to make a make shift diaper and they play with him like he is one of them. Eventually, Tommy begins to miss his Daddy! They have Stuie climb up the ladder who once again, falls down it. When he stands back up he doesn't remember anything from that day and is back to normal!

They had 3 movies that were spectacular! In the first movie Tommy becomes a big brother and has a hard time adjusting. These toddlers climb into a Reptar wagon and accidentally take off. They end up lost in the woods and during this time they all come closer together!

The second movie Rugrats in Paris changed everything for these little ones! Tommy's grandfather remarries and at the reception Chuckie brings up to Angelica he wants a mommy. After leaving Chuckie's dad decides that it is time to start dating again! Stu is asked to come to Paris so that he can fix a Reptar that he created for a show. The whole gang, parents included, rush off right away! There Chaz, Chuckie's father, meets Coco an evil woman who just wants to marry him so she can get a promotion! Along the way another woman, Kira, falls in love with him! On the day of the wedding though Coco starts to show her true colors. She keeps the babies from coming to the wedding! Together they all take over the giant Reptar! They make it just in time for Chuckie to say NO! Angelica, who was in on it with Coco at first, tells everyone the truth and the wedding is off. Kira and her daughter Kimi end up moving to the U.S. and marries Chaz!

In the Third movie disaster strikes! In Rugrats Go Wild the clan is supposed to be going on a cruise, little do they know Stu has other plans. They end up on a small boat that sinks during a storm! The families are stranded on what they believe is a deserted island. On the other side of the island are the Thornberrys from The Wild Thornberrys filming a new documentary. There the children go into the jungle and are completely lost. Angelica wanders off and meets the eldest daughter of the Thornberrys who she convinces that she is an island princess. The babies are saved by Nigel Thornberry in a submarine that Angelica accidentally deployed! In the end all the families, including the Thornberrys, go on a Lipschitz cruise!

This gem of the 90's cartoon era can still be seen! Whilst it was cancelled in 2004 you can still see the little ones save the day and solve problems! You can watch Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil late at night on Nickelodeon!


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