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The days of doubting Deadpool are coming to a close. It's full steam ahead for the Merc with the Mouth hype train. Late last month, fans were treated to early screenings of the film and the response on Twitter was everything that we had hoped. But what does the actual creator of the character think of the film?

Robert Liefeld stopped by to see Jon Schnepp (The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?) on Collider Heroes to discuss Deadpool Mania and his impression of the film. He starts by going back to the days when it was only a screenplay:

"From the day the screenplay dropped from Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, I kept turning the page going 'Are they saying this? Are they really doing this?' It's some of the most imaginative action sequences, some very adult content, and I was like 'This is fantastic!' It just had a different flavor from day one. To find out that movie's done, they made it, it's excellent..."

It's uplifting to know that from day one, Liefeld seemed to be on board. It's been a tough road since the poorly-received depiction of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Liefeld praises Ryan Reynolds for relentlessly bothering Fox to keep this new project alive. His entire feelings on the project can be narrowed down to my favorite sentence of his:

"This movie, on every level, has exceeded expectation."

He also thinks that Reynolds was fantastic in the first act of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and that's what makes people so upset at the direction they took him by the end of the film. He even goes as far to say, "Ryan is to Deadpool as Downey Jr. is to Tony Stark and Iron Man." We should believe that we are in for something truly special from director, Tim Miller, and company.

Liefeld has seen the new film a couple of times and seems to be enamored with the end result. Why is this significant? One could accurately assume that he is going to be the most precious when it comes to how this character is portrayed. The fact that the creator has spoken so positively should tell us fans that we have nothing to worry about.

To hear even more of the conversation, here's the episode of Collider Heroes where Liefeld also discusses his entire career in comics and answers some Twitter questions from fans:




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