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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is probably going to be an amazing movie. From what we got from the trailers, all our dreams seem to be turning into reality.

To get even more hyped, here is the most recent trailer:

So, we got a lot from that trailer. In this movie we will be seeing so many different characters.

Such as...

Lex, Batman, and Superman, +
Wonder Woman!

Now, it might be getting a bit crowded, but then at the end of the trailer, we get a big reveal:


Now some comic book fans might complain about how the trailer spoils the movie, but I felt as though it was a perfect reveal since the movie is called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Come on guys, Justice needs something to rally against!

But a few days later we heard that Doomsday might not be the biggest threat in this movie!

Now, I can speculate on what the greater threat is, but why is there a greater threat? I feel like Zack and the Warner Bros. executives are downplaying his importance in the comic book universe, and how strong he really is. So, Doomsday is just a palette cleanser in between the Batman vs. Superman fight, and the trinity (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) vs. whatever the main threat is?

Come on guys...

Doomsday in the comics was cloned till he became the ultimate killing machine. He was dropped onto the surface of Krypton before it was inhabited, and each time he would die he was cloned and dropped again.

He was even known as the Ultimate Killing Machine for some time!

Now I know that his origin will change in the movie, but the core of the character should stay the same!

Just some memorable moments from Doomsday

  • Gone Toe to Toe with Darkseid
  • Defeated the Justice League in a matter of minutes (except Superman)
  • Killed a bunch of Green Lanterns on his search for Oa
  • Beat Superman to death (and himself)
  • Killed the Suicide Squad
  • Escaped the Phantom Zone

Now, someone who can accomplish all of that in the comic universe deserves more screen time than just an appearance, in between two big points in the movie. Now I'm not saying that the movie will be bad, but if Doomsday is not the biggest villain in it, Warner Bros. is overcrowding the movie, and seriously downplaying Doomsday.

Keep in mind, Doomsday could easily hold his own against the whole Justice League. He has the ability to adapt to his challengers.

What do you think about Doomsday?


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