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Hit is a fighter from Universe 6 participating in the U6 vs U7 tournament under Champa’s team. Well, as of now that is till Dragon Ball Super Chapter 8. We didn’t get too much detail about Hit yet.

But, from the character design and looks it’s assumable that he is perhaps the strongest member of Team Champa. Besides, some other clues hint that Hit is actually the most important thing from Universe 6 on the tournament. We have advertisements in Japan featuring Goku and Hit only. So, does that mean Goku will end up facing him sometimes soon?

As you guys might have noticed Hit has similarity with Cell. Also with cooler! It’s like if Cell met base form Cooler at hell and they fused it would turn out looking something like that. I also found some similarity with Janemba. The covering type of thing Janemba has specially around the neck, its similar to Hit. I mean the upper body. Another far stretched thought that came to my mind and also some fans were mentioning it is could hit be a Namekian?

Namekians most probably exists in universe 6. Champa talked about the Namkians when they were discussing about the dragon balls. In universe 6 team we have members from the saiyan race and even from Frieza’s race. So, could there be a slight possibility that Hit might be an evolved form of Namekians? Maybe he fused with many other Nameks or something like that. I know it’s very unlikely however let’s just considered it as an option for now.

Now, curiosity arises if Heat is evil or good?

Till now we didn’t get any solid information from the manga to conclude what he is. If you ask me I personally think Hit is an anti-hero type character and might turn good sometimes later. When the Z fighters were trying to figure out and learn about the Universe 6 fighters, they had a conversation with Cabe. And Cabe claimed they are not evil they don’t terrorize planets unnecessarily and they are employed to fight for good. Picollo sensed Frost but he couldn’t sense any evil aura but mentioned that Frost might be hiding something. And about Hit Picollo said there’s something dangerous about him. And If I am not wrong the name ‘Hit’ translates to Danger. If we attempt to connect the dots we could assume that Emperor Frost could be here to keep an eye on Hit. Maybe that’s what he’s hiding.

Hit- Character Design Dragon Ball
Hit- Character Design Dragon Ball

But, dangerous here could also mean dangerous as in a dangerous fighter. Here’s something that we should take in consideration, if in universe 6 the saiyans are good again Frost is also good. Then, the question is who the evils are? I mean who causes chaos. Cabe did mention they fight for good.

Could it be hit? Hit’s race? Could hit be a part of it?

Well, we don’t know. But, a major villain has to arrive soon. It could be after the tournament. It could be someone we haven’t seen yet. But, If I were to guess who can be the next real threat among the characters we have already seen till now again I would say It would be hit. But, the plot here is a bit complex. I mean I think it’s time we get a real threat. If you think about it, Golden Frieza wasn’t really what we understand by a real threat. I mean he never had the seriousness. We always knew he won’t be able to do any real damage and the fact that he wasn’t the strongest character in the show made it more pointless. For example, when Cell attacked he was the strongest evil character at that point. Same with Buu he was the strongest and others had to give it all. But, in this case we had Beerus and Whis who are obviously stronger than Frieza. And always knew they will have our back in-case things get out of control. Eventually, that’s what happened. Frieza destroyed earth but Whis recovered it.

Similarly, now we have the gods of both universes. And I don’t know how things could be serious again unless the universe or the universes are under a threat with which even these gods can’t deal with. The plot here would be very complex. Goku and Vegeta didn’t yet surpass Whis and Beerus so we can’t have stronger opponents. So, could it be that Hit turn out to be the threat to the universe or universes? Maybe he does something tricky and absorbs someone or ends up taking advantage of the Super Dragon Balls or something. Maybe just making the god incapable of interfering or something like that?

Like I mentioned it’s very unlikely to happen at this point. Since, Whis and Beerus are yet to be surpassed. But, sooner or later the universe or universes are bound to be under threat beyond the control of these gods. It could be now it could be later. It could be Hit or someone new. There are countless things to consider like what if universe 7 ends up losing the tournament? And earth gets transferred to Universe 6.

So, its complex to make a guess now!

But, one thing is very likely to happen that is the tournament rules might get broken. Like, Hit might go very brutal. And it’s kind of certain that sooner or later Goku will be facing Hit. At-least the advertisement campaigns suggests so.

However, Overall Hit looks like a very interesting character. I have no doubts that he will have immense importance in the series and might extend more than just one arc. What do you think about hit? and the entire situation?

How do you think the universes might face a real threat?

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