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Are you excited? I am. This year alone we will get two huge movies that will set up the DC Cinematic Universe, which is something that fans have been waiting for. Many characters have come together in these films alone, but one thing that upsets me as a fanboy is the fact that the Internet harasses WB on the decisions they make regarding this universe.

Just a few examples of this:

  • Ben Affleck's initial casting
  • The battle at the end of Man of Steel
  • Gal Gadot's initial casting
  • Doomsday reveal
  • Ezra Miller's casting
  • Jesse Eisenberg's casting

However, after the release of the multiple trailers for the film, the critics have bene silenced. They now agree with several of the casting choices, and even praise them (hypocrites). Moving on!

There is still one issue that remains...

The Issue of Comedy

There appears to be almost none in WB films, which includes Man of Steel. Now, WB has made it a point to show the viewer what it would be like to have superheroes in the world today. And because of that they have subbed out comedy for real world situations. That is the reason why the final battle in Man of Steel was so brutal, and this also sets up the plot of Batman vs Superman.

'MOS' Battle

And we might get a pretty devastating battle from Batman vs Superman, by the looks of this photo:

While I liked Man of Steel, I do believe that this universe could use a little more comedy. Not over the top like Marvel's, which viewers have sometimes complained about.

There were two noticeable jokes in the new trailer. The first one is at the party scene between Lex and Bruce, as well as Clark. The second came right at the end, involving Wonder Woman.

That Brings Us To...

Ezra Miller

He has been criticized for taking up the Flash mantle, but I do believe he will do Justice to it (see what I did there?). Anyway, he is the youngest in the League. The Leaguers will be in their thirties, with Bruce obviously being older than the pack. It is said that Cyborg and Flash will be the youngsters in the group, and will bring comedy to an otherwise comedy-less universe.

Now, how much comedy is enough? We will just have to wait and find out.

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Do you think DC should have more or less comedy in their films?


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