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After earning a staggering $856 million at the box office and two Academy Awards nominations to its name, Inside Out has proven itself to be another instant classic from the Disney-Pixar animation studios.

Like all Pixar movies, it was bright, colorful, and fun. But it was also able to resonate with its audiences on an deeper level, perfectly demonstrating just how art can stimulate all of our emotions—especially fitting, considering the main characters.

Today, Disney Insider exclusively released two new Inside Out-inspired posters by Cyclops Print Works with insight into the artist's creative processes, and I'm in awe of how beautiful they are.

Inside Out

Tom Whalen / Cyclops Print Works
Tom Whalen / Cyclops Print Works
“I arrived at the final design you see after a longer-than-usual experimentation process. I can usually distill the essence of a film pretty quickly, but Inside Out proved a bit more challenging. I recall watching the film for the first time and enjoying all of the metaphor that was at play between the way the emotions behaved and Riley’s actions. I wanted a little bit of that metaphor to come into play in this poster. Overall, this was a project that asked me to dig a bit deeper in order to produce an end result that’s worthy of an incredible film.”

Riley & Bing Bong's Sing-Along!

Dave Perillo / Cyclops Print Works
Dave Perillo / Cyclops Print Works
“After seeing Inside Out, Bing Bong was my favorite part of the movie. I found it so interesting exploring what becomes of a child’s imaginary friend as she would get older. I wanted to approach this piece in the style and tone of a children’s book, something that you might see in a vintage Golden Book. The biggest challenge was translating a three-dimensional animated character to work as a flat two dimensional imagery.”

These prints will be available through Cyclops Print Works starting this Friday, February 5.


Which emotion was your favorite in Inside Out?

(Source: Disney Insider, Cyclops Print Works)


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