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When the news first started to leak about the SUICIDE SQUAD movie coming out in August of this year, rumors ran wild as to who would be involved. If you're new to the Suicide Squad, you will quickly learn that trying to list the members is like trying to name all of the Mutants in Marvel's X-Men comics. Ok, so it's not that hard. But it is a pretty big list.

My question is, if the movie hits as big as it seems like it will, what DC baddies can we hope to see in the sequels?

First, a little history.

The modern version of the Suicide Squad was birthed in the reboot started with the LEGENDS mini-series. Written by the likes of John Ostrander and Len Wein and penciled by comics legend John Byrne, this series attempted to reintroduce Superman, Shazam, Blue Beetle and Guy Garner along with a whole new Justice League to a new generation. Along with this came a rag-tag group of baddies forced to save the day and fight big bad Brimstone and everything else Darkseid threw at earth in this story.

LEGENDS 3 1stAppearance of the Modern Suicide Squad
LEGENDS 3 1stAppearance of the Modern Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller (seen in the trailer) pulled together, with the help of Rick Flagg, former villains to take on impossible situations. The original members of the modern incarnation of the Squad were Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Enchantress, Captain Boomerang and Blockbuster. Blockbuster didn't survive the Legend's mini-series making sure the team was true to its name.

The original and modern debut of the Squad!
The original and modern debut of the Squad!

This was done, of course, so that DC could introduce them in their own comic spawning from the event.

Suicide Squad #1 introduced new members Nightshade, Nemesis and Plastique to the group. Of the three, the most likely future member would be Plastique. In fact, for a while, it was reported that Karen Fukuhara may be playing her in the movie. Since, we have learned that Karen is playing Katana.

The explosive Plastique could make the sequel
The explosive Plastique could make the sequel

Slipknot made his appearance as a member in Firestorm Vol. 2 #64 (October 1987) alongside Boomerang, Killer Frost, Multiplex and Parasite. Multiplex has made an appearance on the Flash TV show and Killer Frost has been insinuated. But Parasite would be a cool future member.

Slipknot's debut in the Squad in 1987
Slipknot's debut in the Squad in 1987

Some of DC's heroes have also made appearances. Vixen and Speedy (Green Arrow's side kick) to name two. Vixen is getting her own animated series but Speedy or Arsenal could possibly make an appearance.

Besides big hitters like Captain Cold, Poison Ivy, Black Adam, Penguin and Doctor Light, most of the membership of the Suicide Squad is a who's who of failed and virtually unknown villains. But the movies could make more fleshed out characters of what was once a waste of space.

(Thinker, Weasel, Psi (not the South Korean singer), Javelin, Shade, Count Vertigo, Jewelee, Shrike, Ravan (not Raven), Lady Liberty, Silent Majority, Major Victory, Firehawk, Maser, Silver Swan, Sports Master)

The Suicide Squad saga continued in the pages of Superboy (vol. 4) #13 (March 1995) with Deadshot returning with Boomerang, King Shark, Sidearm and Knockout. Knockout would be fun. Killer Shark may possibly appearing in the Suicide Squad movie this year although no one is really talking about him much. He may have a minor role or MAYBE he's essential to the bad-guy of the movie.

King Shark's appearance on the second season of the FLASH!

There have been four different volumes of SUICIDE SQUAD comics all with a myriad of villainous characters. To dig more follow the LINK!

The newest cast of characters in the comic, THE NEW SUICIDE SQUAD, that is running currently, is pulling out the stops and going full force with some major names much like the movie! Deadshot and Captain Boomerang head up a virtual who's who of rogue's galleries.

It was this comic that inspired the move with Harley Quinn gracing the debut cover along with Joker's Daughter, Duela Dent, Deathstroke, Aquaman's main villain, Black Manta along with a thinner Amanda Waller and Deathstroke. Added to the cast for good measure are the power draining Parasite and the Reverse Flash!

Great Splash from SM/WW #19
Great Splash from SM/WW #19


If you ask me, Black Manta may be the mysterious character seen with tubes coming from his head in the movie trailer, but where did Manta get the power to shoot out tendrils or do what was done to the subway car?

Add Killer Shark, Black Mantis and rumors of the King of the Seven Seas, Aquaman himself, making an appearance, and we have a very interesting movie on our hands!

But, as for villains, BRAINIAC has been rumored and suggested by fans as far back as OCTOBER 10, 2014


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