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Many films predict what Artificial Intelligence could do to our society. Many show the A.I coming to life and trying to take over the world, while other A.I feels the need to erase life to cleanse it. It is to the point where audiences feel as if directors are sending us a warning; yet we still create new and improved forms of A.I every year. Here are the top A.I characters that are sending us a warning through cinema.

1. Hal 9000

Hal 9000 was the main villain in 2001: A Space Odyssey. This A.I's purpose was to control the spaceship that was carrying astronauts in space. Deciding to make it's own plans, this A.I kills the crew while softly speaking to them it it's monotone voice. Pixar's Wall-E recreated this character in a similar evil sense.

2. Sonny

Sonny was the main A.I in the film I, Robot. Sonny was created to assist the needs of humans in their everyday lives. Eventually Sonny was given extra data by it's creator into it's processing center allowing Sonny to think freely. After committing murder; Sonny get's his robot allies to create an A.I uprising.

3. Ava

This amazing character was represented in the film Ex Machina. Created to be a tester for humans, Ava decides that she has enough of being a prisoner and escapes her creators hold by stabbing him to death and entering our society. She can influence men at her will and nothing can get in her way.

4. Samantha

More dangerous in a social context; Samantha from the movie Her really shocked audiences. She is an A.I much like Siri. She seems to feel love, sadness, and obsession. This character really showed audiences what they could slowly be turning into as they rely mostly on electronics to survive throughout each day.

5. Skynet

Skynet was the main A.I villain in the Terminator series. Powerful and smart, Skynet sends armies of Terminator machines down to Earth to wipe out the existence of humans in order to purify it.

6. False Maria

The most iconic A.I of all time; False Maria made a huge impact on audiences in the film Metropolis. Designed to be a copy of the cities leader's wife, this A.I instead takes men from their homes using seduction methods and leaves the men's children abandoned. Shown as an early example of A.I turning on humans.

7. Ultron

Created to protect Earth from any other invasions, Ultron decided that the only way to protect Earth was to wipe out human existence. This A.I can hack into any government file and comes pretty close to his destination.

What other Artificial Intelligent movie characters are similar to today's technology? Are they sending us a warning?

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