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Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill were the biggest stars of their time. Although they have played some of cinema's most iconic roles, but let's face it, they aren't exactly relevant nowadays.

This brings up a question: which modern day stars would be able to take on these classic roles, and play them well enough to pay homage to the original cast as well as appeal to the millennials?

Here are my top picks:

Han Solo- Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is essentially the modern day Harrison Ford. Funny, suave, and a TOTAL BAD-ASS!

Chris Pratt was undeniably BORN to play Han Solo. As well as being an exact replica of Harrison Ford, he is also pretty much the real life Han Solo. Through the years, we have seen him in hysterical comedic roles like in Parks and Recreation, as a bad-ass action hero in Jurassic World, in a more dramatic role in Zero Dark Thirty and we've already seen him play Han Solo in Guardians of the Galaxy. Chris Pratt may just be one of the most popular actors currently in the business, and this would be a role tailored to him.

Princess Leia- Jennifer Lawrence

Photo by Nino Muñoz, Esquire. Shop by Matthew Colvin.
Photo by Nino Muñoz, Esquire. Shop by Matthew Colvin.

Jennifer Lawrence is arguably the biggest actress on the face of the planet. She is the action hero lead of one of the most popular teen novel franchises of all time, The Hunger Games. In addition, she is an extremely likable person with a funny/witty personality, which is exactly who Princess Leia is; a beautiful, likable person who completely flips that stereotype upside down when she becomes an awesome, action hero. Jennifer Lawrence would be perfect for this role, and in fact, she has gone on record saying that she also believes she can take on the part!

Luke Skywalker- Taron Egerton

Although Taron Egerton has only starred in four feature films as of now, everyone knows that this kid is going to become a star sooner or later.

Taron Egerton is barely known, just like Mark Hamill was before he was cast in Star Wars, and he needs a big role to make audiences more aware of his talent. Taron has played every single role in the book: a sweet, charming young man (Testament of Youth), a sweet, nerdy young man (Eddie the Eagle), and a sour, bad-ass action hero (Kingsman: The Secret Service). Taron Egerton's talent is perfect to play a character like Luke Skywalker, in which he can mash all of these personalities into one.

Who would you cast in a modern day Episode IV? Which other characters would you like to be cast as other characters?


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