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"Oh fantasy free me!"

Get ready to be freed by Frank-N-Furter and his wild, sex-driven Transylvanian alien cronies in the new The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake. So far this incredible cast includes Laverne Cox, Victoria Justice, Ryan McCartan, Staz Nair, Adam Lambert, and original cast member Tim Curry.

If you don't know Magenta, you'll be sure to find that she is more than just a maid at Frank-N-Furter's castle; she's Frank-N-Furter's right hand man—or woman, I should say.

Joining the cast as Magenta is the insanely talented Christina Milian.

She's going to look killer with some bright red hair and that black and white maid outfit.

So let that gong ring out loud and long. The moment for Time Warping will happen sometime this year, as The Rocky Horror Picture Show is set to hit screens in 2016.

[Source: Deadline Hollywood]


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