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TV's Batman is coming back to the small screen for the 200th (!) episode of The Big Bang Theory. That's right, Adam West will be joining Penny, Leonard, and the gang to celebrate this momentous occasion according to EW.

Someone better tell Sheldon, or things might get a little awkward.

As the titular character in the wonderfully over-the-top Batman series from the 1960s, West has ingrained himself in both popular culture and geekdom, so he's a natural fit for the seminal episode.

He'll be playing himself and joining Christine Baranski (as Leonard's mom), Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, John Ross Bowie (as Barry Kripke), Sara Gilbert (as Leslie Winkle), and Wil Wheaton as, naturally, himself.

Other than the few casting announcements, major details for the episode event are being kept under lock and key, but there's no doubt it's going to be a big night. The 200th episode airs on Thursday, February 25, so prepare accordingly!

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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